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Here are some of the leading ways in which “whites” maintain their positions of “privilege” (More like “absolute dominance”.) Feel free to add: Complaining that they too are victims of white supremacy Chatting “buckets of words” when you ask them … Continue reading

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Gullible People (part 1)

Gullible people (part 1) I’ve been thinking about the “Genesis Faithful” (generic term used to refer to gullible radio presenters/”revolutionaries” that swallow whatever junk you feed them) and pitying them. I’ve been thinking about what we are to do with … Continue reading

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pitifully pathetic

I was recently listening to two sermons from the 1960’s (the equal-rights, civil-wrongs, consumer-rights, civil-disobedience, non-violent demonstrations, protest era) and found myself fairly humoured by two sermons recorded during the time. They, these ‘liturgies’, were entertaining, especially when potentially decent, … Continue reading

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Ill Mental

In my “main” time, I also “facilitate” a church-based, youth group. I would call it “Sunday school” but I imagine that by now, they’ve probably had enough of schooling (read “violence.”)  Instead, I merely host the group and facilitate biblio-centric … Continue reading

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All Of 50 Years

  people of the oppressed. I think that the following commentary summarises much of our lives: You search for places to go for some where’s got to be fun But learn that patience is broke, unless a lottery’s won And … Continue reading

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Happy New Xmas

I’m confused. This time last year I was in feltham “celebrating” new year. I would have had Xmas there but I was in custody, and yet to be transported (although I was arrested at 6pm on the Saturday.) This year, … Continue reading

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Progressive People, Pretentious Pricks

Before I move forward, I look back on some early attempts to “sell” OMALONE, the Grand Wizard: Now what kind of life is that for a child? I ask this question of all of those who spend their lives wondering … Continue reading

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Decent Albums

In others words…favourite albums that I once claimed were “great” because I live in such a limited world that I assume begins and ends at me. HereGoes: Kool G Rap: Live and Let Die Kool G Rap: Royalty, Riches, Respect … Continue reading

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Kernel Commission

Summary of 2011 report examining the challenges facing “oppressed” people in 2012 We have found that racist behaviour/thought is not merely institutional; it relates to the authority/autonomy balance (AAB), that is; the desire for conflict that arises between the individuals … Continue reading

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Why 8

Attempts to define “The 8 project” include the following: …Since its first edition, AETC has developed into the 8-project, a continuation of the pioneering works of other architects who sought to record, document and archive the African condition. At the … Continue reading

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