pitifully pathetic

I was recently listening to two sermons from the 1960’s (the equal-rights, civil-wrongs, consumer-rights, civil-disobedience, non-violent demonstrations, protest era) and found myself fairly humoured by two sermons recorded during the time. They, these ‘liturgies’, were entertaining, especially when potentially decent, and informative sermons “descended” into “singing.” In truth, the word singing is a painfully inappropriate euphemism. Perhaps a better word would be “hysteria.”

These sermons actually came exceed the stereotypes of “Pentecostal” churches, and in doing this, got me thinking about why “segregation, white-supremacy” lasted for almost a century in America. If these churches were anything representative of the typical resistance, I am not surprised. Most importantly, these two “jokes” really left me wondering how “pathetic” “oppressed” people must look in the eyes, and sound in the ears, of white-supremacists

These two congregations, at least, were not a threat. In fact, they were so harmless that if ever I were a white-supremacist, I would probably have sponsored them, if not only attended these congregations.

In the modern era, these “circuses” have evolved, having transformed into “black talk radio” (black-chat.) These are radio platforms “stationed” by some of the most illiterate, ahistorical imbeciles that might be found.

These self-professed black leaders actually imagine themselves to be involved in the essential of “liberation” and genuinely believe they are “building” a movement. Please… The only struggle there is out there, is the one I endure when I listen to these clowns. I have to keep myself from crying by laughing. To think that we are at such a critical stage in our “resistance”, and yet, these people are still not taking “oppression” seriously.

All the while, as deliberately “dumb” as these “presenters” seem, I must remember, they are the victims of carefully calculated confusion. I was glad when I realised this. I could no longer be disappointed by clowns for I finally saw them clearly, and learned to no longer place any faith in their farcical fiasco.

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