I am often described as “articulate” and advised to study “philosophy.” I am also urged to enter “psychology”, and sometimes encouraged to write a book. In fact, I have written one; it is the culmination of two years of ‘systematic study’ into talk-show host Gary Byrd’s “G.B. Experience.” It is a structured examination of the African dilemma, which I have formalised into a course: “oppression studies.” Unfortunately, however, unlike Onyeka (‘an educator and thinker, a lecturer in Law, researcher and consultant’), as such, I have no “programme” to deliver.

I do not have tenure to teach this course, and never will because, first, I am not a teacher, and second, I have no “degrees” or “formal qualifications.” Like Djehuty Ma’at-Ra of Dherbs Radio, I was tempted to promote myself an autodidactic; however, I am not “self-educated.” If anything, it might be said, I am not “anything.” I am a “nobody”… or so I thought.

“Essayist and theatre practitioner, Grand Wizard Gos (“[O].G.Malone”) is a White Nationalist devoted to defending the borders against all illegal immigrants and legal aliens (aka, “foreigners”.) Founder of “A.F.R.O.S.” the slowest declining pan-European organisation in East London, “G.Wiz” is committed to “creating spaces” where meaningful discussions can take place to counter the deceptive dialogues. Only by facilitating forums, and opening up real conversations can the vision of a new reality be realised.” [WOW]

that said,

welcome to my world …

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