Marcus Garvey

Here are two interesting “articles.” The first is the new “constitution” for the self-directed individual: Grand Wizard. In contrast, the second is a sample from the original set of aims and objectives presented to the Marcus Garvey Organising Committee/PASCF sub-group.

Mission statement

to “discover, at all costs, some manner or means for destroying in people the predilection for suggestibility which causes them to fall easily under the influence of ‘mass hypnosis’”; “to impart knowledge and to encourage rationality”; to facilitate the awakening of intelligence – the capacity to feel, the ability to think in context and wholeness to operate in perspective; to have my talent recognised and become a respected analyst and established commentator; to become independent, respected and valued; to find out what the oppression was that had created the condition I was responding to;

to prepare a nucleus of people capable of responding to the demand which will arise; to move towards the closest approximation of reality that subjective experience can appreciate; to harness the affective intellect and sharpen the technology of discernment; to focus language tools, broaden horizons, expand awareness and improve upon obsolete structural mechanisms; to unlearn lies and see through pretentious illusions of knowledge; to cultivate talent, harness wealth, and nurture potential so as to realise the wholeness of the related-essential self

Original Aims and Objectives presented at the MGOC Meeting
29 September, 2007

Aims and objectives

To aim mirrors at ignorance, and to object to ideas which will only lead to collective bodies, whether genuine or fraudulent, being slowly ran into the ground as useful idiots to further causes that they themselves, may or may not be aware of.

To expose fraudulence, explore ingenuity, and expound higher truths, necessary to understanding whatever wickedness it is that has plagued us and confined us to the base needs of man.

To have the masses take the truth as the authority, and be courageous in dealing with matters, and not running in all directions desperately trying to find a way to rid themselves of all the imaginary goblins that parade in their paranoid, emotion driven minds.

To reclaim my sovereignty, and impose my right to self-determination, knowing very well that the reactionary state is the most violent state of being there is. Only once an individual is willing to take control of their self, and becomes responsible for their lives, will they be fit to assist others in whatever noble endeavours they may pursue.[…]


To be done by cultivating an environment of trust, vigilance and ultimately expression through developing my own leadership, facilitation and emotional skills, whilst grooming my mental faculties.

Ridding myself of my arbitrary rules and regulations; being freed from the chessboard of manipulation, and maturing in my own image. “The problem is always at the beginning…”

Going through life with the two qualities needed to guarantee a perfecting life: appreciation and gratitude, whilst determining the ‘origins of convictions’ as well as their ends.

Spreading my own biased doctrines, and getting the essential information out into the open knowing that if, in the correct and proper sequence, you tell the truth and keep repeating it, sooner or later it will have to set in and of course, to offend as many people as need be.

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