1 W.A.Y.

I wish it didn’t hurt. But that pleasure prefaced pain. And every time I look beyond, I see your face in the yonder.
I try and cling to your delicate touch, so all lost, isn’t forgotten, but then I try and reach out, only to find you’ve turned away.
I played the part, and ran the rounds, to exist as I once was.
I walked out into the sun, willing to be alive.
I am free from all entanglements, enraged by the past
I am pathetic, I am broken, and I obsess over your name.
I tried to close my eyes to be in silence from the voice of yours that roars
The shouting and the violence that tore me up inside and burned
But you made amends, between the sheets, you kissed me softly, caressed it all better
And even when I had them others, I knew it weren’t the same.
You took it slow when you were fast, and for that I’m always grateful, only I can’t help but think of the words that got away
I will be satisfied again, even in the post-you era
Even as I struggle to break away from the bond
And even if I sense the realness that we never were together, finally that you are dead, I live in peace, as I relinquish your very fantasy
It was always you, the 1. It was always you.

It was always you.

About omalone1

I live I die I write
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