Nice Guys Finish Fast (Mode One)

Apparently, if all the black guys cease “cooperating” (tolerating) black girls, we shall be doing a disloyalty to our race, as eventually, we will cease to produce offspring, meaning, the decline of our genetic heritage and tradition. Their point is, in summary, that we must continue the “race”, which sounds somewhat silly if we entertain the idea that there is (currently), nothing worth saving – assuming, of course, there is, or ever was, something to save. (Alan Watt reminds us that many people will fight and die trying to stop the new world order, never knowing that that which they were trying to preserve, was never there’s to begin with.) If we were honest, we might just concede that what “we” have between “us”, apart from the glass, if very little to cherish. Way we see it, we are freakshows and monstrosities. We are not worth saving; we are not worth anything much; not even the life of a squirrel.

Monte Maddox at least had the integrity to try and expose that failings of logic when it comes to this situation, especially when he highlighted the absurd duplicity, desperation and denial; these people are trying to cover up the cracks, whitely imagining that others cant see them, and yet, they fail to appreciate the importance of reality: if we are not allowed to acknowledge our experience; encouraged to express our hurts, then how are supposed to move forward; there are no bridges to walk over; we have no building blocks, or rudimentary foundation, on which to develop and cultivate; we have nothing on which to stand. If we were honest, we might point out the myriad of reasons why we struggle to relate to each other, and yet, the reason for this itself, is hidden, and revealed in the reluctance to acknowledge the situation. We are not real. We are liars, and we try to deceive ourselves, often even imagining we are more important than we make ourselves out to be. In essence, and in summary, our lives are those of a commitment to “escapism.” We would rather not look at the hurt; we would rather just “runaway” than “stay.”

Page 76, he lists the five types of males that black females look for and submit to:
1) Gangsta – dressed like a thug…has a gun…which he uses to perpetrate harm …he is always busy planning his next scam, robbery…has no time for working a [routine] job or getting an education…he also likes to impregnate black women and leave them to fend for themselves
2) Pretty Boy – a man who gets his hair and nails done more than his woman. Wears cologne, sings like a bird, has a supposedly suave and sophisticated style. Lies lots of sexual activity with lots of different partners
3) Jocks and muscle guys – black ladies cannot keep their hands off the big boys. Even though most of these big boys have more interest in looking in the mirror at themselves. These men always have another woman on standby or just a big collection of porno mags for personal ejaculation experiences.
4) Pimps/macs/players/hustlers – always distinguished by too much gold jewellery and a big pimp hat. Their finest outfits almost always in a bright shade of red. Makes his woman a virtual prostitute, because he is always on the prowl for fresh meat. Women learn that they will be sharing his sexual accoutrements with several other dumb women.
5) Convicts – what is it with black women who maintain relationships with boyfriends, husbands, and lovers in jails…for criminal acts like murder. What is the attractions?…black women love these guys!…any man who has done a crime or serve a jail sentence, is especially valued by these black women. He’s been a favourite of these brainless sisters for most of the 20th century

Exploring “the alternative”, Chapter 9 “White Women” (p 152), he opens by saying “black woman do not like to face the fact that they will always be dogged by the image of a black man with a white woman.” It upsets and insults them, and yet, he looked at this option beucase black women were not putting out – granted or permitting him sexual access, which in turn, is access to esteem, and even dignity (ownership.) Just as Dr kellina Craig Henderson noted, this grey pairing might be viewed as protest: it is statement-making, declaring to black people that rejected, denied, overlooked and insulted him, that he is happy without them. It is a way of shaming them through damaging oneself, and yet, the irony of this strategy is that it undermines the one who pairs with the white female: it is also looked upon as a step down, suggesting that the male could not be “man” enough to “tame” a black woman, and so “settled” for “second-best”, thereby losing-face with other blacks. If he identified with their recognition, he can no longer look to belong to them, or be praised by them. At the same time, however, rather than engage in general group politics, many are opting for this arrangement of white-black because it takes care of their personal needs, by minimising psychic damage and sexual dysfunction.

Both Gurdjieff and Lievegoed note that if sexual eroticism and fantasy phases are not completed, great conflicts can arise in the being of the individual disrupting their psychic development. This being the case, it must be noted that if the females are not submitting to these males, these males, generally, will be justified in finding females who complete them, putting their biological needs before their racialistic impulses. If, however, this means that females are meant to “submit” and cherish” males they are not attracted to, then surely we are compelling them to heed to bondage, in the form of a collective, totalitarian groupthink. We cannot engineer these situations as if they were shotgun weddings and arranged marriages, for if the female is discontent with her partner, this too will lead to sexual dysfunctions, or other maladjustment. We are simply encouraging a strangely cynical form of sympathy which says that if the two do not honestly confront their situation, and face themselves honestly, they will surely perish. Rather than lie, and deny the realities around, and simply get absorbed in contempt for those “sleeping with the enemy”, put this into perspective, and remember, “we stand in our shadows, and then wonder why it is dark.”

Jungle Fever:

Eddie Murphy
Richard Pryor
Orlando Patterson

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