Move Into The Mainstream

Our circumstance is despicable. We are urged to move away from home as soon as possible and get money, irrespective of the morbid levels of illiteracy and general incompetence of later efforts to deal with worldly affairs. These people are not citizens, but much rather denizens, asylum-seekers and refugees, and yet, this truth is masked over as these helpless souls are referred to, vibrantly, as the next generation; as the young people of community. Sadly, it is just not so. Our minds are empty; are ambitious is desire; our aspirations are skewed and our lives are in turmoil. Having spent all that time in protest, in rebellion, and eventually, upon insurrection, separating from the caCOON, we find ourselves painfully at a loss in our attempts to realise the pace of the world. For all the mentors and residential programs, we come to realise that we simply we not prepared: for being kicked out; finding work; living without both parents; having to save money; learning to drive cars; open bank accounts; cash cheques; upgrade skills; manage debts; further “schooling”; enhance relating,; buying clothes; buying homes; having sex… in fact, despite all these complexities, as far as we were concerned, it was only the latter three that mattered alongside the beautiful burden of having children,; of giving birth. For many girls, this became the dream: having children so as to attain a house, as for Londoners, flying solo is an increasingly difficult task.

Those of us who didn’t have children, and in turn, get houses, moved out into Hostels. It was just part of the process. We were meant to stay in these since 16, in spite of the pathology and loneliness for in these warehouses, where many remain for at least six years (or in some cases, 25, when we no longer are young and have these mandated provisions), we are merely shelved. People steal our food so the fridges and cupboards are unreliable; other residents argue with us and make noise, and visitors/intruders might just rob us the second we leave the doors, and yet, that is not our greatest foe. Our nemesis, much like the 50 minute hour, is the 16 hour week. Many of us are on benefits (Job Seekers) and yet, with we might engage in extra-curricular activities, in order to “meet-ends.” Yes, less than legal (breaking, rather than mere bending) we come to be targetted and criminalised, and yet, werent the MP’s engaging in criminal theft when they appropriated those expenses; and if we are scroungers and welfare thieves, what do these coporates do when they engage in tax-haven schemes, hedge-fund evasions, and other means of locking their assets away. Lets not neglect those people, poverty-pimps, that simply milk off “community work” (cf The Destruction of Black Civilisation, part 2, and The Miseducation of the Negro). Above all of that, lets not neglect the city traders who milk those cash cows so well, their “expenses” is almost as large as their tax deductions, and then, there’s also the smaller matters of policing which fails to prosecute eligible criminals, and their eagerness to “eat-off” recaptured funds.

In essence, “The Rugged Trousered Philanthropists” have created a situation so dubious, each is undertaking an additional hustle so they might just live larger, for who wants to be small? Anonymity means we are inconsequential, becoming “black” as we are resigned to the dark, and yet, these avenues to additional income do not exist for all of us. In the hostels, realising this, we come to embrace “the trap.” Rather than work 16 hours, so we might trade in our time to bring an additional £100 pound home, we resent this notion, for it means we lose out on our housing benefit, and yet, that is not even the larger issue. The reality is, for every minute we remain dwindling away in these hostels, apparently, we lose the skills we need in order to grow and improve our lives. We fall behind in the labour market, which itself, is supposed to complicate our efforts to job search. In sum, we are supposed to find a way to fight through the welfare trap, to move into the mainstream. We are meant to go beyond the resentment (domestication) so that we might become professionals, and rather than have jobs, have careers, and yet, lets quickly conclude this by reviewing the 40 hour week, so see where these apprentice/internship salaries (18,000) go.

Per Annum 18,000
Per Month 1,500
Per Week 375
Per Day 75
Per Hour £8.33 ? (give/take, hour break)
Overtime/Coverwork/Sick Pay/Holidays/Maternity etc ???

Lets look at the losses column

Tax 18% including national insurance contribution (unless, you are a full time student in which you avoid this burden)
Gym Membership 40 a month
Phone Bill 40 a month
Car: Petrol/Fuel, Insurance, Tax, Mot, Maintenance & Repairs,
Courses, Evening Classes, Further Education (one off costs)
Rent 120-160 per week or Service Charge (for hostels, B&B’s) £10 a week,
“Disposable” Income: Clothes, Gadgets, Internet/Landline, “Socials”,
Savings: ???

Gym, Phone, Rent, are 200 a week if you work 16 hours, or, rent is bypassed if you remain “sedentary”, and yet, after, tax, what do you take home, and if it is small, what are you saving; what are you building? Yes… “violence is at the root of [White Supremacy] Capitalism”, even if, “in your free time you can buy back what you made during your time at work.”

eddie murphy

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  1. jdobypr says:

    Care to expand on this one? Why is Eddie Murphy on your “coon” list?! LOL

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