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Mensa Rejects

In order to qualify for Mensa, dubbed the high IQ society, you must be in the special 2%, which means, you score above 150, and yet, how are we to compare the pursuit or beauty with the pursuit of intelligence? … Continue reading

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No Thanks To You

On January 30, UK artist/musciain, “Yasmin” released her debut song, “On My Own.” In this song, one of the lyrics reads: “I could have had a 9 to 5 or finished school just like my parents wanted [but didn’t]…and I … Continue reading

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From Malcolm X to Mark Essex

G Wiz It has been a little while since the last broadcast. I have been missing, and yet, I am brought out of retirement on this date which marks 40 years since the passing of the legendary solider, James Robert. … Continue reading

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Falling Asleep

Maybe Oni is correct (i.e. I can agree with him) when he suggests I am defeatist. I am still deciding if I want to be “black” beyond early adulthood, which will arrive in January of next year. In the meantime, … Continue reading

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