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pay attention to who I post as sometimes the sphere is more important than the message, meaning, I am encouraging and promoting rounded-thinking, rather than narrow-patterns of thought. pay attention


 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A FRENCH PRINT: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COMING HOME: By Chris McGreal In 1810, Saartjie Baartman was brought to Europe from South Africa to be displayed as a sexual…

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Miranda Fricker on Epistemic Injustice

finally, in conjunction with this five-post series, I would urge you to appraise the work of Miranda Fricker who explores the themes of epistemoogy and justice, in testimony. (I would especially encourage you to listen to her interview on ABC, … Continue reading

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finally, as I move along, I present this piece which further explores the ways in which black, male and female bodies, are visually exploited, and generally desired in media. I would urge you to pull together these strands and await … Continue reading

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Reducing Black Women to Stereotypes: Jezebel

Again, much like the previous article I reblogged, this post here examines the ways in which caricature and stereotype are recruited and manipulated in the pursuit of “jungle booty”

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Psychology of Black Stereotypes

Originally posted on BLACK LOS ANGELES:
An Analysis of Black Sterotypes by LMU Student Alexis Lester Black men are irresponsible. They have a problem with commitment and relationships. They are cheaters. They are lazy and expect too much from their…

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Trauma Culture (Podcast)

Originally posted on too long in this place:
For really serious topics you need … … a group discussion. This afternoon Sinead (from New York), joined Fitzy & I (in NZ), to drag some cupboard lurking skeletons… … out into…

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You represent!

think about the Balotelli/DevilZilla picture

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Unfalsifiability in psychiatry and licit drugging of white children

so glad I was able to dig up this incredible post. Read for yourself, even if you do have that tragic, short-attention “spectrum.” Think “misdiagnosis” and “labelling.”

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What the Hell is Wrong With Black People?

Originally posted on Cree7's Blog:
CNN did a piece a few days ago entitled “The Importance of Belonging.” In it, the author, Amanda Enayati, explains the following research finding: The broad species that is called “human” is so innately,…

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Surviving the Letting Go (a short story)

Originally posted on Wordgasms:
They both stood at the door full of pride and bitterness and confusion and passion and hurt feelings.  The past weaved around them like those spider webs she hated cleaning. The tiny intricate webs, like that…

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