The United-Independent Compensatory Code / System / Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide (2010)

…the use of the word “dark” is often intended to cause people to think, speak, and / or act as if “dark” means the same as “tragic,” “evil,” “dangerous,” “destructive,” etc., particularly when “dark” or “darkness” is associated with the physical appearance of people (p 85)
[They] sometimes use these words in such a manner as to associate [darkness] with evil, or with incorrectness, while using the words [light, lightness] with so-called “pettiness,” “goodness,” or “correctness”. Racist man and aciatwoman sometimes do this in a manner to promote the thought that “dark” people…are also evil, ugly, and / or incorrect …to promote the thought that “dark” people are a source of evil and / or dreadful events
[…] They [also] do this as an indirect mean of associating ignorance and confusion with “dark” people . It is not correct to use the term “keep in the dark” in this manner. it is best and correct to say, “Keep (a person) from knowing,” …

Neely Fuller page 86 of the code book writes “dark(,keep in the) avoid hsunf this term . Never use it to mean “keeping a person from knowing,”…to mean that “darkness” and “ignorance” is somehow, one and the same.”

Racistman and racistwoman, collectively…usually speak of “darkness” in such a manner as to directly or indirectly promote fear, contempt, hostility, and hatred of “dark,” “Black,” and/or Non-White people

 White people who have chosen to participate in The System of White Supremacy (Racism) usually associate the use of the words “dark,” “darkest,” and/or “darkness” with places, things and people regarded as worthless, dangerous, and / or “undesirable.”

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