Why It’s Hard To Date A Black Woman

…and we are back

imagine that, five years away from this platform and how things are changed beginning with the one I have been most criticised for; life partner. It is now common knowledge that for the past few years I have been in a process with a white trans-male creating a massive schism in the world of pan-afrikanism. It seems I am no longer afrikan enough for people despite my ongoing and sustained commitment to black identity and empowerment.

There have been innumerable positions assumed about this current arrangement, many imagining it was related to a “diary of a tired black man.” It has not been,, I will nevertheless repost this classic along with a likely fictional “exposition” by a proverbial Matthew Lynch. This piece was bought to my attention by Hasani Pettiford who word, “Why We Hate Black Women.”

Penny Dickerson

Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Hard To Date A Black Woman by Matthew Lynch (Black State.com http://blackstate.com/dateblackwomen2.html)

  1. Black women make black men feel under appreciated, unwarranted and irresponsible and   regressive.
  2. Black women are too aggressive and no longer patient in waiting on the pursuit of a man.
  3. Black women are strong headed, too independent which presents great challenges in relationships.
  4.  Black women are masculine in that they are controlling and like to run the relationship.
  5. Black women expect too much. They are gold diggers who will not look twice at a blue collar black man.
  6.  Black women are hot headed and have bad attitudes.
  7. Black women stop caring about their appearance after a certain age.
  8. Black women are not as sexually open as other races, especially in regards to oral sex.
  9. Black women’s tolerance is far too low; they are no longer empathetic to the black man’s struggle in…

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