Let’s Get This Money

“You can’t spend your life doing foolishness” and indeed, we didn’t want to live in, or with, mediocrity, banality and/or absurdity. Impoverishment didn’t carry much appeal either; we wanted the things, items, goods, clothes, stuff; we wanted any symbol of attainment, any sign of accomplishment, any semblance of achievement; we wanted distinctions, and money, especially that which compensated entrepreneurship. We were informed and encouraged to read the classic “The Richest Man in Babylon”, “Think and Grow Rich”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. We were told to dig up and listen to the many motivational speakers; we heard people who claimed to be best-selling authors, life coaches and property developers/investors, and yet, many years on, where are we? We started from the bottom, and sadly, it seems we have gone under. These people continue to churn out their cassettes at a rate the dating coaches would envy whilst the failures are told that their plans didn’t work as we didn’t follow them with enough enthusiasm and passion; we are told we didn’t think correctly, and work “smart” enough. We are left wondering, and asking, what are the realities of finance?

George Trower Subira was one of the few to ask this question, however, few people seem to have heard of him. Yes, we can go on for endless hours talking about the trinity of Ben, Clarke and Jackson, alongside Williams. We can talk about George M James and the like. We can even get contemporary and talk about Robin Walker and yet, as Wilson is reported to have said, out here, we have people who are better at breaking down the structure of a pyramid than they are breaking down the mechanisations of white dominations. We have endless people who can complain and rant about being erased from history even as they remain comfortably seated on the boat that continues to drift away from the shore. They can talk a good game but fundamentally, their actions reveal that they do not carry the conviction of intent. We say this because people are more familiar with Sabara than they are with Subira. Again, we are not entirely surprised as Sabara does fascinated. To begin with, I am confused as to why she “straightens” her hair, assuming it has curls to begin with. We often wonder if we are even attracted to her. Most certainly, when her natural is flowing, she is a beauty, but when her hair is “straight”, she has far less appeal. We also wonder about her curves as her BUTT only GRABS us from certain angles. Her lower lips do look good, we have to admit, and certainly, with …hold up. We were getting carried away there. We were supposed to be dealing with Subira, the money man. His work, unlike the productions of Sabara, were a compliment to “blueprint.”

In a panel discussion that took place on Holipsism’s Haven, Asar Imhotep referred to blueprint, reaffirming Wilson’s contention that before any economic effort could exist, a cultural consensus would need to be reached. Likewise, Carr also spoke of the need to realise the relationship between Identity-Trust-Collaboration. Many do not seem to accept, however, that our economic impoverishment stems from our place at the “bottom” of the “pyramid.” They have not made the connection between that which keeps us subjected, and the need for identity formation. Instead, it would seem they imagine, their retardation owes to their failure to “work”. Again, it is the Zeitgeist. We find ourselves in this bizarre reality-construct which sees says “okay angry black man, that history stuff is good” before running off to “flip bricks.” Nowadays, the talk of “black power” is seen as “delusional” and yet, this interpretation is not entirely unfounded. Many have been inundated with talkers who themselves, talk to distract us from their impoverishment and confusion. It is akin to building bodies to compensate for empty pockets; they fill their heads with “knowledge” so as to “escape” their material dearth. They are not, however, nation builders, and unless we are talking nationhood, we are clowning.

We are surrounded by jokers who take themselves seriously, but only because they have no proper perspective. Their ideas are distorted like their thinking because they are conquered people contesting the reality of the domination. This might be why we hear of “radical” posturing during gathering and celebrations, quickly interrupted by the gong of the premise-owners who “boot” them out the “building” at 11. Nowadays, they even take a donation claiming the proceeds will go towards acquiring a lease, failing to accept that serious work does not require a building. In truth, there is great hostility between these “clowns.” Often, they will even use the “talk” of nationhood when at home, they cannot even hold together a family. Beyond that, they have little concern for their families who might otherwise provide the basis for an effective, collaborate economic unit. Again, often, they want escape as opposed to uprise! More importantly, they do not collaborate because despite their talk, they have neither the will nor knowledge to create harmony and structure systems that facilitate the growth and acquisition of wealth. They have yet to interrogate themselves because they cannot see themselves. They only see so far as the image planted in their heads which is a warped idea. (Updated, 13 June 2014)

“All of these chicks; they either want a woman or they want a white man…especially these black, so-called feminists.”

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2 Responses to Let’s Get This Money

  1. Onitaset says:


    I find the topic of finances interesting. When we look at Europe’s historical legacy, rarely were many people wealthy. It’s always seemed to be the Political were wealthy and beholden to Wealth.

  2. Imhotep says:

    “I find the topic of finances interesting. When we look at Europe’s historical legacy, rarely were many people wealthy. It’s always seemed to be the Political were wealthy and beholden to Wealth.”

    That’s the truth, Sister-Queen. That is the albino aboriginal for you.


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