White Supremacy In Action

Gwiz. We abandoned this blog last year in May (31st, 2013) however, 1 year later (June 4th), we return to complete it, with the aim of closing shop once we post about 15 more pieces. The reason being, I am moving away and moving up. I have other areas to focus my attention in. Also, I have grown increasingly impatient with the rate and pace of the Bakala people, and yet, they were not people we could rely on to begin with as principally, they dont exist. “Our” problem has been that there is no “our.” “We” have been very assume: we should have agreed! Having broken from this for a year and now returned with fresher perspective, we can realise the mistakes we made and the mistakes others continue to make: they have tried to exist outside of a context they have yet to discern. There is no black because the current black is a white conception. In short, there are no “black” people because they are a product of the “white” mind. Just as the African writers claimed their experience could not be described by white language, these people, “our” people cannot exist outside of domination because they have been created and shaped by it. We are all whites in disguise and unless we separate and distinguish ourselves, differentiating only once we have identified whiteness and its full implications, then we are lost.

Quite literally, we are under a spell, as was highlighted when I recently listened to a radio broadcast. It was a leading london black power station, and yet, with black power being “whote domination” – hence, nonexistent,- the station, on the whole, is -and was – sardonic. After mocking the station for the longest time – and in particular, this Sunday broadcast – we finally decided to call in and speak seriously, only, the presenter was not serious. He was a clown! Upon having us interrogate him, hold a mirror to him, ask critically reflective questions, the best he could do was suggest that we we’re “young”, before identifying we we’re “intelligent.” He then asked us, as we were “young”, how we could get more young people involved in organisations. Sadly, he did not get it. Despite explaining that ALL these organisations, without exception, had not appeal, he still clung to the idea! It was as if his mind discarded the reality of our words even as we critically brown down why these “organisations” were obsolete, and why the need for “institutions” was pretentious. He clung to these fantasies just in the same way “allegiance to an old myth never broke the chain.” It would not occur to him that his “reality” concept was ridiculously unfounded because it was as if he was so committed to it. That is the state of “our” people – they are not ours, but they are captive to the white regime.

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Despite “protesting” the white regime, even using distinctive language, he remained captive to it because he did not realise he was imprisoned! He went on to talk about “health”, even when we insisted that we would not want to be “healthy” within a “sick” system. Again, these herbal healers have no remedy for us because they are only looking to be better accommodated within this prison construct. Despite the rhetoric, they do not want to be “free”, but merely have more “liberty.” They want to be rescued by a sinking ship and feel the warmth of a burning house – a house they have only ever had the luxury admiring from the kennel. Again, despite his pretensions to being informed, he was mislead. It was another example of the blind leading the blind which, under these conditions, is a result of white supremacy in action. White Supremacy is the thinking behind the thinking and so this male, was another puppet blind to his strings. He was buried in the nonconsciousness of the whiteness which had dominated his mind and shaped his thinking. Whiteness has been “first” to his mind, and so, he could not go beyond it. It was his parent, and as a child, he could never be in rebellion against a parent that had given him life.

Our people are dominated principally because we are hauling buckets rather than building systems. Whiteness is first to the minds of our children, and with that, they come to own the adults. Only the exceptional survive, but as Bertrand Russell asked many years ago, how many more have fallen behind. As a result of being so entrenched in the existing regime which supplies their reality, they suffer that proverbial eclipse of reason. They cohabit the same conceptual universal of the whites, and so, depend on that epistemological framework. You see, this is why this pattern continues to repeat itself: just as the nonwhites get lost in the rhetorical ethic of whites, nonwhites who might otherwise be serious get mislead by the rhetorical pretensions of other nonwhites. They imagine these people are theirs because they look alike; that they are equally serious because they sound similar but they are not. We have to look beneath the appearances and yet, as Wilson revealed, our thinking has been made so superficial we do not perceive reality but fantasy land. We fail to realise that the people do not want “dignity” but “charity” and “sympathy.” They may complain but they like how it is, which is why, we must reflect upon Horkheimer’s contention that “Well-informed cynicism is only another mode of conformity.” The War has already concluded. Now we have to survey the field seeking out the survivors rather than trying to dress up the casualties.

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