Die For The People/Many Rivers

For the many silent follower we have had over the past 18 months, your fears are being confirmed. for very soon, it is likely, this blog will become part of the buried treasures underneath in the age of missing information…we aim to move to a different site that is less: 1. extreme 2. radical 3. parochial 4. racialised 5. pedantic. We have decided to finally diversity, and generate mass appeal, so these ideas may finally reach a wider, COMPETENT audience. We realise that this project has, for now, failed, for the people we wanted to reach were not interested. We are, therefore, reminded of “Shapiro;s” “theory of change” and realise that we must reach a white audience, and their “anti-racist” work if we are going to make any strides because the blacks are so confused, in their chaos, they cannot appreciate anything which does not have designer labels, whether it be a branding icon, fetish symbol, or bouncing bum. We must, therefore, like the characters in “Continuous Hell”, go undercover, by going overground. At the same time, we are urged to ask the question, once more, of what we leave behind?

Perhaps it is our principles, and maybe we go “forward” moving backwards, deeper into the lie. Maybe we are so alienated, isolated and lonely because only we can see through it all, having come out of the tunnel, and yet, what can we gain from standing alone, us against the world? We have had to revise our strategy and everything that we have imagined we stood for; we have had to unlearn, rather than merely “disguise” our inclinations, and adjust rather than simply “camouflaging” our positions, and this has meant a mass reappraisal of the 8 Project; everything that we are. In an ideal world, there would be no need for this as blacks would be serious enough to accept their responsibility and fulfil their mission, only this has not happened, and we cannot wait for it. We must, therefore, accept, finally, the contradictions evident in our own positions, and embrace all that we professed to be against. We cannot die for our positions because we may one day find we are wrong and so, like water, we must move with the time, for money can be recaptured, but our time cannot.

Yesterday, we received feedback on the book, and sadly, it was not as we would have liked it, nor particularly desirable. Moreover, it urged us to reflect upon the scope of the work lest it be resigned to the “pro-black bookshelf”, failing to ever reach a wider audience and gain mass appeal. It was suggested that we attack the mentality and mindset rather than the people; it was suggested that we are accusing groups of people and perhaps lumping them together as opposed to focussing on the specific people that had done us wrong. Likewise, in this post-protest era, many suggest that people need to move on from colour and realise we are all oppressed; that people need to be mature, and maybe “stop playing the victim.” Maybe people must stop living in the past and making excuses for their failures; maybe they should stop being separatist and paranoid, and quit imagining things. Maybe people should just get jobs and stop with this silly rhetoric which will never go anywhere. Accommodate, assimilate and become…be a part of society, be a useful citizen and be a contributing member of your community. Get off the welfare.

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