Extraordinary Discourse

August saw some of the worst scenes in London for years, when Tottenham erupted, 16 years after Africans first caused disturbances there. Following the death of Marc Duggan, supposedly peaceful protests eventually erupted into violent scenes, with W.A.S.P’s ending up “looting” the North London area. These disturbances were as infectious as aids in Africa, spreading and infecting areas all around England, and lasting for four days. The truth of the prophecy was corroborated: “if you notice, anywhere where’s there’s black women with their ass out, there’s usually going to be some damn violence somewhere; wherever there’s a hood rat… usually that’s a precursor… there’s always [someone] getting shot outside strip club… that’s some low-esteem [when] sisters are walking around with their ass and titties out… is going to attract a plethora of low-self-esteem get these people with low… standard-habit [people]… so when get all these people together with low self-esteem, low self-image, they turn on each other, they project…niggerish behaviour” It was the realisation of the pan-African dream, it was black-Nationalism in action, and a frightful reminder of what might happen if we the royalist, noble whites do not keep these beasts properly contained. For this reason, I thought that I need to remind the loyal followers of this site the historical necessity of Europeans in pacifying African savagery, and the important role Europeans play in rescuing Africans from the terror of themselves.

In the movie Street Fight, Oriental E Honda rescues Bullrog from bondage despite being in a weakened state, following a brutal flogging that was also intended for Bullrog. Similarly, in the Film Mortal Kombat, we find Goro defeating an African Martial Artists, only to later be overwhelmed and humiliated by European, Johnny Cage. In Child’s play 3 (1991) Andy devotes himself to the task of rescuing a naive African child from being sacrificed in a demonic ritual. But having Europeans intervene to rescue Africans is nothing new. In the movie “Pulp Fiction”, liberal Bruce Willis rescues Ving Rames from a brutally buggering. Although he had escaped his potential fate, Willis pities the savage and decides to intervene, breaking into the basement, where the sodomy is taking place, and saving Rames from this humiliating assault. And yet, an African male being sodomised is nothing new; just watch the movie “Lockdown.” Dre (De’Aundre Bonds) is dominated by two Aryan rebels the first day he arrives in the big house. ‘He is immediately frightened into becoming Graffiti’s (David “Shark” Fralick) “bitch,” sexually available at “his man’s” will.

Even in the realm of entertainment, we find Europeans having elevated themselves above and beyond any level of Negro lyricism, even though initially, the game was only intended for people of African descent. Eminem, Ill Bill and Rugged Man are just a few in the American scene, whilst in the UK scene, Devlin. In fact, when Tynchy Stryder’s lead track, “Game Over”, featured four African emcees (Gigz, Tinnie Tempah. Chipmunk & Tynchy Stryder) and three Europeans (Professor Green, Devlin, Example) all of the Africans were mediocre, whilst the Europeans were typically spectacular. Even on television, as King Flex/Tariq Nasheed points out: “I was looking at… a commercial for a TV show called “Glee” they got these cute, angelic white girls and this one fat black girl in there…” Evidently, it is not a gender issue; it is race; anyone that does not belong to the master race is pathetic, but those people who epitomise the supreme contrast of whiteness are the feeblest. If you have forgotten, I need only remind you of the movie “Roots” which documented the white man’s burden, and his epic struggle to subjugate the African brutes, and bring the African beneath his rule. Fortunately for us, we are given daily reminders of our respective place at the top of the food chain, as is demonstrated by our dominance which even extends into the realm of wrestling.

Originally, the wrestler Virgil was the servant of billionaire personality, Ted DiBiase, who peacefully commanded Virgil for years; however, in a series of mad events, Virgil attempted to dethrone DiBiase. Although this feud lasted for a while, it was eventually settled, as it slowly died down, and yet, Virgil remains as pathetic as ever. Even after his master accepted him back, he still did not serve his role, and maintain the dignity of his master. Just watch a recent match between The Big Show and Mark Feuerstein vs Ted DiBiase and Virgil on WWE Raw. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ISwV1vo6b0] Sadly, this humiliation of Virgil was not unfamiliar, as Nailz was forced to subdue the savage years earlier. But, this discipline of WWE entertainers has not been contained to sideline figures like Virgil, for even superstar, the Rock, had to be put in his place by the awesome Goldberg, in a typically dominant fashion. Like Dre in the movie Lockdown, The Rock was ravaged. Goldberg had reminded him that no matter what sphere of human activity, Negroes run to, they will be found, and the proper order will be implemented.

Films such as “Romeo Must Die” prove that the need to RESTRAIN Africans is not just restricted to Europeans, as in this movie, Oriental Jet Li is forced to humiliate and subdue a gang of African thugs, but the chances are, he was inspired by Steven Seagal. In the film, Marked For Death (1991), the brave Seagal is scripted as a proud fighter who goes into the underworld to locate and break up a vicious, Rastafarian, drug cartel. These entertainment mediums served as constant daily reminders of the significance of our place on the planet, and yet, recently, there have been increasing cases of incessant African brutes trying to upset the natural order. One such buffoon was Wesley Autrey, a 50-year-old construction worker and Navy veteran who dared to place his hands on a white man: “…waiting for the downtown local at 137th Street and Broadway in Manhattan around 12:45 p.m. He was taking his two daughters… Nearby, a man collapsed, his body convulsing. Mr. Autrey and two women rushed to help, he said. The man, Cameron Hollopeter, 20, managed to get up, but then stumbled to the platform edge and fell to the tracks, between the two rails.” So desperate was he to touch a white man, to rid himself of his sins, that he jumped onto the tracks, and suppressed the white man, risking both their lives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9JcX2X7XnM The question for this fool is indeed, “just how far behind the curve are you?”

Europeans of the world, we must not take our eyes off the prize, we must remember that the fight is against (RBS) racism/shadism black stupidity, and if you do not understand the system of RBS, nothing in your life will make sense to you. It is an abstract system of thought which works for the CCOEI and the EOF; Its primary tool is language games which it used to subjugate the masses to its arbitrary jurisdiction. Working as an anonymous authority, it constructs empty arguments which (if accepted) extend childhood and destroy morale. We cannot become “blacks”, as one of our eminent historians recently warned against, following the shameless African looting of BLACK AUGUST. We must remember that we are the victims here. It is these people that seek to drain our resources and sabotage every mechanism of the State. Each one of us has a responsibility to protect our communities against African thugs; let us not forget this.

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