Getting Started In Life

“…that any wage I asked of life, life would have willingly paid”

John Lennon has been attributed with saying that “life is what happens to you whilst you busy making plans” and for most of us, we might just agree.

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This post explains why it is we had to move away from this blog. We had to “get paid.” We took the talk of our people seriously without realising they were clowns, and so, before we fell further behind, we had to focus our attention elsewhere. Thus, we came to focus on “careers.” Yes, we realised that those who imagined “the world owes you a living” were wrong. We came to realise that as the Bakala project had yet to be realised, and as we were going to have to depend on this “mother ship”, we would have to focus on getting stable rather than on planning our exit. At the same time, our revived focus on “career” came to take prominence because I finally realised why it is these people focus on “building pyramids.” It is much easier to dream about people who previously built pyramids because it is easier than planning to build a nation. Those who build nations are rarely “theoreticians” unless they have been through the process of practically demonstrating. We finally realised that we need to pick up the skills here for when the move is to be made. Those who sit here and worship white celebrities with black faces are not people we can build with and so, we can only start to manoeuvre into positions where we can meet up and connect with serious nation builders. We have to acquire skills and connect those who are “practical”, and “consequential” as we can no longer sit with the ones who are perishing on the breadlines.

Many of our people have long been defeated! They talk “good” but live “bad.” They have had a hex put on them and no beg for their dominators to have mercy. They have lost all faith in their potential! That is why they are so “patient.” It is not even that they expect better but hope that maybe one day, they will be able to have a view of the big house. The idea of an “angry” black male is a joke, but one that was taken seriously by the clowns. All of these broadcasters who talk wild secretly fear being removed from the airwaves if they said “too much.” It is the reality of Kahlid and Farakhan, of Jackson and Maddox, or Elijah and Malcolm; once the serious people come alongside you, in that closeness they see you are not as congruent as you purport to be and so, seeing this mismatch, expose your failings! It is for this reason that serious people like myself have to be shot down at every minute. This shooting however, must take the form of “compliments” and “praise” but do the other thing! It serves the same purpose of attempting to trap me in the same obedient framework they are servant to. By extending “praise” they imposing the idea that they can “validate” me, and with this, seen as they are the majority, implicitly attempting to set up and establish a situation whereby they can be seen as the “normal” whilst people like myself can be depicted, by contrast, a “misguided.” They can portray and frame serious people as “eccentric” people who are still maturing. Anything but accepting they are not yet dead.

The reality is, these “radicals” are tame. They are docile, disciplined and domesticated. They want the bigger cell! They have lost “moral” framework because a moral people have a concept of dignity, and with that, if dignity is violated. they become outraged. These people, however, are indifferent. They are near dead. They cannot be moved because they long ago died having being defeated by the ongoing, the perpetual, the total war of white domination which has violence built into it; the regime which has violence as implicit. They cannot protest against the prison warden otherwise the might go into the hole and so they will posture (“protest”) but never go beyond that. In fact, as the ObamaMania farce revealed, they would rather go at us who try to excite “riot” rather than see the need for uprising. They do not believe that they can effectively and “successfully” challenge, and so, they change the concept of “success” to one that is agreeable with the white regime that must necessarily brush up against seen as it suffocates them from birth. Many of us then, engage in this “racial dating”, pretending that by meddling with Suzy, they will be “free”, rather than admit that they come to equate freedom with escape. They may even call us “segregationist” rather than concede that having a “happy” marriage with a “warden” is akin being “healthy” within a “sick” system.

If only our parents were more concerned with liberation than they were, offspring.

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