Footballing Downloads Barcelona vs Inter Milan, 2nd half 2011, Barcelona vs Inter Milan 1st half 2011 Int v Bar, 2st Hallf, 1st Leg, Int v Bar 2nd Half, 2st Leg Inter v Barca, 1st Leg, Highlights Inter v Barca, Match Build Up, Analysis and Post Reception Arsenal v Bayern Arsenal v Bayern Chelsea vs Barca, 1st Leg, (1 of Mourinho’s 7 Home defeats in 9 years) Barcelona vs Chelsea, 2nd Leg, Barcelona vs Arsenal UCL Final–FinalUcl2005-2006Hd Barca v Ars Final (HD) Arsena. v Barca 1st and 2nd Leg Goals (2×1 & 3×1) City v United City v United Chelsea vs Barcelona 2012, 1st Leg highlights Chelsea v Barca Barcelona v Leverkusen, 1st Half Barcelona v Leverkusen, 2nd Half AC Milan vs Barcelona Ac Milan vs Barcelona Man United vs Bayern 99 Man United vs Bayern 99 Barcelona vs Man United 2011 UCL Final 35 minutes of Dortmund vs Madrid Dortmund vs Real, Full Match, 1st Leg Real Madrid v Dortmund, 2nd leg, 2nd half Juventus vs Bayern Bayern vs Juventus Celtic vs Barcelona 2012 (3-2) 12/13 (3-2) 12/13 Messi Interview Messi Goal–LaLiga2009-2010 Madrid v Barca–LaLiga2010-2011-Goals Highlights Barca v Madrid–laliga2010-2011FullMatch Full Match Barca v Madrid Barca 2 – 2 Madrid Real vs Juve 2009 Group Stage, Madrid 1 – 0 Juve Arsneal 3 – 1 Juve Madrid 2 – 0 Bayern PSG v Barca Training–LaLiga2007-2008 Betis v Barca (Rijkaard reign)

Arsenal v Man United, since the double, 2 in 14
Arsenal v Chelsea since the 0-0, 1 after 6 (7th), 4 in 19,
Barcelona Vs Real Madrid UNBEAT LAST 5, 2 in 15,

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