Reinventing Anarchy

“…only through resistance to this society can life become worth living”

Long ago, perhaps I ought to have gone on straight to university, and yet, it was nearly impossible, for we were so conflicted as well as discontent.
Our Options were to drop out of school at 16 and find work or to go onto college and attain out A Levels, so as to earn enough UCAS points to be accepted into prestigious universities (120 A, 100 B, 80 C). Others could get apprenticeships, if not typical employment, or others could become career criminals, assuming they were good enough. At the same time, the game remained the same; live large. Fed up with impoverishment, the females wanted houses and money; the males wanted females and money. It was all simply, and yet, it didn’t quite work out that way. Others imagined that the spectacle would suddenly radically transforms itself as the jokers got serious, quickly. In our minds, enthusiastic and optimistic, the great society was around the corner; we did not need to invest in our future and so, we did not need to entertain career prospects; why adapt to a society that very soon, will no longer exist? We looked on at the coons who had bought into the university advertising slogans (go for the social life and make connections and networks), scoffing at the thought of them being buried in debt, and yet, years on, what do we have to show other than our words? They are not weapons, and they certainly are not out friends. Our cynicism and criticism, however, are entertaining, providing the foundation for our insights and realisations:

Black people are gods; having read the old testament and been horrified by that mafia god, we can confidently say that this pathology fits the profile of black people

Jesus was black; he didn’t wash his hands at the table and he even walked on water just to avoid bathing in it

black folk think in commercialised, corporate, profit-and-loss terms; they are concerned with lives lost as opposed to people who do not experience any sufficient, noteworthy, quality of life

there are those black people who want unity at the expense of discipline; they just want “blackness” for the sake of “looking good” as if to suggest they are more concerned with looking good than they are with winning

the shock is not that people are “killed in these streets” but that, faced with the spectacle, not enough youth are dying

thomas szasz was quite correct in his critique of “historicism”: the first peoples of the americas knew “themselves” and had their “cultures” and yet, this “knowledge” did not prevent them from being bullied, butchered, brutalised, battered, and buggered [temet nosce]

the battle is not just about black-white; like the film “battle royale” it is between new thought (the youth) and old habits (the traditions)

although minister king urged people to learn to disagree without being violently disagreeable, if you challenge, critique or question black people, they claim you are being negative, even if their viewpoints are simply pseudo-spiritual compensation-defences

if they want programmes, strategies, formulas and blueprints, “non-whites” can consult the literate, and learn from the examples of Erin Reya, Eugene Rivers, Chancellor Williams, Amos Wilson, Marva Collins, Asa Hilliard; and structure their thinking along the likes of Marimba Ani, Godwin Woodson etc

like the youth you desire before they deserve; the “adults” wish about wants; they want to “dominate” the young people in their search for “respect” (recognition), however, just as Russell long observed about labels, their crusade, even if born of the same thinking, is a “holy” cause

if black women look “silly” with weaves, then it is no more silly than black people, in general, sound when they espouse white “beliefs”

black people might pair up with whites and look like sell-outs, and yet, how different is that from blacks who have already adopted white mindsets

if mental illness (moral sickness) was a construct long used to facilitate the repression of non-whites, it seems somewhat absurd that these same people would co-opt and even advance the notion, going on to impose it upon others in using it as the standard against which the measure affairs

if childhood is of disability, and diminished responsibility is the status of children, “geriatrics” (demented), mental defectives (idiots), asylum inmates (criminally insane), we might quickly realise and appreciate the jurisdiction in which silenced “non-whites”, like Agnes Richter, operate
(Miranda Fricker’s views on “epistemic insult” and “testimonial injustice” ought to be consulted alongside Gail Hornstein’s work on “believing witnesses.)

body building, enhancing sexuality, might just be the new eugenics, in the age where celebrity entertainers and glamour models are seen as having ultimate prestige; and when genetic modification is worshipped and even made a fetish, like our branding symbols

although terms like “ego”, “unconscious”, “spirituality”, “karma”, “community”, “racism” and even “culture” have little substance i.e. definitions, their pretentious recruitment and usage suggests that mediocrity (ignorance) is not just desired, but highly valued

Van gogh, i’ve read, did not believe, or agree with the notion that he was insane, and yet, this benevolent notion was imposed upon him until it became immortalised mythology, suggesting then, that through representation, people are silenced

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    g wiz. I would appreciate if you added bulletpoints to this article

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