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In my younger days, our parents imposed strict rules; we had to ask permission to leave the house and even then, we had to be back by a certain time, or else we might be ground, or similarly disciplined. Homework had to be completed and grades had to be achieved; more importantly, there were domestic codes imposed. We had to complete our homework to earn out play which came in the form of computer games (consoles), toys, gifts (presents) or television. At the same time, there were still limits on gaming; once it went beyond a certain number of hours, we were forced to go and read. Although people like myself remained avid fans of reading, it would be misleading to suggest that we were never obsessed with gaming; we grew up with SegaMegadrive, SuperNes, and Gameboy. Streets of Rage, Skitchin and Road Rash were our favourite Genesis games, whilst Battle Toads, Street Fighter and Mario were the property of Nintendo. Even if consoles have come a long way since the 8bit to 16bit update, we can still reminisce in our attempts to make sense of our experiences, seen as this so structured our lives:

Ralph Baer, Brown Box 1967
Magnavox Odyssey, 1972 was the first video game console
Atari 1975, single game (founded 1972, and arcade game Pong released)
Atari 2600 VCS, (1977) a cartridge based system with Space Invaders and others
Coleco Telsta 1977
Nintendo Color TV 1977, released only in Japana

Intellivision (1980) challenges Atari’s dominance offering better graphics as well as synthesis voices, with third party game developers (Coleco and Activision) attracted to them.
Nintendo (1985), known as Famicom is Japan, arrived with games such as Super Mario Bros, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and a srict licensing policy which led to the development of games Final Fantasy, Mega-man etc.
Gameboy (1989), requiring four double AA batteries, had an 8-bit CPU, like its parent system. Its hit release was Tetris: over the years, it underwent numerous makeovers.
GameGear (1991)
Gameboy Pocket 1996, Gameboy Light (??), Gameboy Colour 1998, Gameboy Advance (32 bit, 2000), Gameboy Advance SP (2002, rechargeable battery), Gameboy Micro (2005).
Supergameboy (1994)
Gameboy Camera and Printer (1998)

First Generation 1972-1980

Magnavox Odyssey 1972

Second Generation 1976-1983

Atari 2600 1977
Intellivision 1980
Coleco Vision 1982
Vectrex 1982

Third Generation, 1983-1992

Atari 7800, 1984
SegaMaster System, 1985
Amiga (1985, 8bit),
SegaMaster System 2, 1992
SegaMaster System 3, 1997
Nintendo Entertainment System, 1983

Fourth Generation 1987-1996

Sega Mega Drive 1988 (16 bit)
SNES 1990 (MK, arcade, 1992, Donkey Kong Country, 1994)
Commodore 1991
Sega Mega Drive 2 1993
Sega CD 1993
Sega CDX 1994
Sega Mega Drive 3, 1998
Sega 32x, 1994
NEO GEO 1990 (SNK, 245 bit), Neo Geo CD (1994)

Fifth Generation 1993-2002

Atari Jaguar 1993 (64bit)
Playstation (1994) (32 bit), popular franchises, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, and Electronic Arts sports games
Sega Saturn (1994)
Nintendo 64 (1996) featured Super Smash Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, Goldeneye, etc
Playstation 2 (2000) 128 bit,
PSone (2000)

Sixth Generation 1998-2004

Xbox (2001) using PC Technology with HALO
Gamecube (2001), could link and play gameboy games, and featured old titles like Mario, Zelda and Metroid, that had migrated to Sony and Xbox platforms
Game Boy Advance 2002, Gameboy DS 2004,
Playstation 2 Slimline (2004)
Playstation Portable (2005)

Seventh Generation 2005 to present

Xbox 360 (2005)
Atari Flashback 2(2005), 3 (2011), 4 (2012)
Playstation 3 (2006)
PLaystation 3 (slim, 2009) (superslim, 2012)
WII (2006)

Between 1968 and 1983, companies invested research into cellular technology
1992 the first Short Messaging Service is sent
2002, monophonic ringtones develop into polyphonic ringtones,
2003 the first Multimedia Messaging Service


Nokia 7650, 2002 (first symbian OS)
Nokia 7600 (3G). 2003
Nokia N Gage (2003),31813,2029221,00.html

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