Malone At The Crossroads (III)

At the time, we utilised three key search engines: lycos, dogpile and altavista. yet again, football movies were the primary objective with other things soon becoming alternative goals. Yes, we managed to capture clips on fighting, football, rap battles and the like, but beyond that, we located miscellaneous trials. Keywords “The Matrix”, for instance, were what led to the discovery of “Cutting Through The Matrix,” and our walks with Alan Watt, and yet, we still struggle to understand exactly how we located Gatto. Yes, we were fed up with the schooling situations, as illustrated by the exclusions, and perhaps even, our earlier encounters with Szasz and Krishnamurti, alongside Icke, meant that we sensed this system was made to fail. Either way, we stumbled upon this article, at a critical juncture, when Gatto asked, “Why Fix A System Designed to Fail.”

It seems that he arrived right on time, for alongside him, there was the likes of Manly Palmer Hall, alongside Erica Carle, and soon after, George Gordon. We were listening to the likes of AriaInVictus, and others, as we came to stress the significance of investigative journalism alongside academic research. We needed to find data that held more credence and realised that we could not rely upon these other sources that were not acknowledged, and yet, by this time we were not event in search of people to please. We simply wanted to make sense out of our world and desired to do this for ourselves, and yet, it would be very misleading to imply that Gatto was our greatest revelation, for he was simply a single voice that emerged from a wave of alternatives. Jan D Matthews also arose as an awesome force.

In his essay “Towards The Destruction of Schooling”, he even referenced Gatto. (Maybe his reference to “A Language Older Than Words” was the reason that we came across Gail Hornstein.) Jan D Matthews was associated with the anarchist school of thought which we came to delve into much deeper, eventually arriving at the doorsteps of the footnotes and the main contents: audioanarchy. We roared through the majority of the material available for download, utilising mp3 players to exploit our ever limited time. Days Of Love, Nights Of War seemed to have epitomised everything about anarchy, and yet, its ultimate appeal lay in the concept of resisting domination. It was an alternative to subjugation. It was the resistance we needed.

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