Malone At The Crossroads (II)

“when you leave home sometimes you really forget who you are… you forget the values that they teach you”

At that time, having parted from our formidable master,, and having settled in with the future, we were still trying to orientate ourselves to the world; to realise its pace; to be adjusted so that we might finally settle and eventually arrive, and yet, the discontent remained. It had to be there in as much as one had to exist. It was not be fought; it was that inherent pattern of thought, that passion and desire which urged us to go on; it was that creative force that made us who were ARE. It could not be resisted and so, bowing to this, we surrendered, hence, allowing for the path to be walked. Our first stop was at a critical breakdown; the structured delayering of the primary forces and dominating factors that were impacting upon us, ultimately dictating our thought through governing our lives. We had to examine the basis of instruction: pedagogy and method.

John Gatto was our first source; an insight into a world outside. It was at glance at something else; an opportunity to realise there was something different; the point at which we came to really appreciate the alternatives to the mainstream, and yet, there were still earlier candidates. Being wanderers, searchers, travellers and explores, we were always privy to going places to see people and encounter new experiences. In fact, on one of these journeys, venturing into a “youth club” we stumbled upon this male baptist. (Years later, he revealed that he was also involved in social work.) For whatever reason, he managed to impress much upon us and so, easily we might entertain the notion that he was the stimulus for this business thought. he was, we believe, the reason we went further than using the newly developed, and emerging, social media, for something more than talk.

At the time, kazaa and limewire were for downloading football, but, to our eternal credit, we used them to find music, and then talks. Rich Dad Poor Dad was the audio-book we first managed to locate, and staying at his house, I stayed up and listened to it throughout the night. Afterwards, we dabbled into “The Richest Man In Babylon” and even “Think and Grow Rich” for these were the classics, we were told, as were the “guides.” Anthony Robbins was for property and investment, for we were encouraged to think big, and yet, looking back, I still wonder about this Baptist. He wore suits but was he financially free. He listened to these speakers in his car but was he living high; was his car going fast, if not, going far? Perhaps it was an act, and yet, it is doubtful that it would be us, for whom, he would put on a show, but maybe he simply failed to fulfil his ambitions, and spent his time riding to get away from the reality, of thwarted ambition, as he drove further, from reality, heading deeper into denial .

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