Malcolm X and James Baldwin: Two Journeys to Truth

April 25, 1962? Although the recorded date seems to differ, it might generally be accepted that on this day, Laverne McCummings, James Baldwin and Minister Malcolm sat round a table to discuss the student protests. (It was through Obasha that we were made aware of this exchange.) In honour of their exchange, Making Malone was released on April 25th, 2012.
This year, 2013, April 25th marks another anniversary which, itself, might similarly have enchanted Mr Baldwin. We are referring to the anti-sexual March on Washington. We are not apologising for this behaviour/identity, as it does not seem to serve our purposes of being constructive in these combined efforts for, and towards, dignity and expression.













This week for class, we read the works of two men known for their writings about racism and the African American experience: James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, and Malcolm X’s autobiography. In their works they describe the transformational periods in their lives that led them to strive for truth, understanding, and change in American race relations. For Malcolm X, this period was his time in jail, and for James Baldwin, it was his encounter with Elijah Muhammed, leader of the Nation of Islam.

In 1946, Malcolm X was convicted of burglary and sentenced to ten years in prison, some of which he served at the Norfolk Prison Colony, in Norfolk, Massacusetts [1]. It was during that time that his brother Reginald visited him and introduced him to the Nation of Islam and the teachings of its leader…

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