new order of barbarians

If this weren’t bad enough, look at all the innocent words which black people have been responsible for removing from the otherwise vast Romance Languages: Coon, Jiggaboo, Jungle Bunny, Negro/Negrito, Nig-Nog, Spook, Spade, Moon Cricket, Yard Ape, Sootie, Blackie, Darkie, Wog, Porch Monkey/Bamboon/Gorilla/Ape, Billy Reuben, Biscuit Lips, Mushroom Nose, Burnt Cracker, Minstrels; Zulus. Sambo; Tar Baby; Gable, Kaffir, Shadow! Instead, we are meant to be colour blind and refer to these trouble makers as: Canadian, Urban Dwellers, Ethnic Minorities, Disadvantaged people, Under-represented Young people, NEETS, Cargo, Chocolate Drops, Thugs, Yobs, Criminals, Hoodlums and Hard To Reach Ghetto Youth, less fortunates. Either way, the fact is we are terrorised by them to the point where the News has come to be an acronym for: Negroes Endangering White Society. Cut me some slack: take that chip off your shoulder and grow up. There are so many successful black people out there who don’t worry about driving whilst black because they are acting how they need to act. Instead they are bee-bopping and getting rich off of putting women down. Leg up for what; they are focussing on the problem not the solution! We’ve been tiptoeing for too long and now they think they can have what they want and bully us in the process. Let’s remember something about these liars who want to claim the exclusive status of most favoured, supreme victimhood, when in fact, slavery still exists… so why don’t we give these enslaved people some money first?

Women have been working without wages for the longest time, so where are their reparations? Why is it that anyone who did not jump on the Obama Bandwagon was racist? Why was Jeremiah allowed to say that an event as horrific and tragic as 9/11 was said to be Americas chickens coming home to roost? Why can New Black Panthers openly hate “crackers” and want to kill our babies? Why does Jay Z wants to pay the white house black? Why has the NAACP declared that the tea party is a racist entity? If you jokers and pranksters want to deal with racial and social justice, why don’t you begin with relinquishing your own privilege first? When Fred Reid says that Henry Louis Gates ought to send a bill to him, he is right: they want free money, and I will give you a million for every slave I own and will give you a million for every year you were in slavery? If this is so, we need reparations from blacks for things they didn’t do, that didn’t happen to me? What about current expenses owed by blacks such as Los Angeles being burned and then taxed. I didn’t like the Simpson trial but I didn’t burn down my city. On top of that, where is the money for the people coming into our country, violating our borders, raping our women, selling drugs to children, snatching handbags, filling prisons, burdening the police force, occupying security guards and the like? I can’t do your children’s homework: blacks are too accustomed to just get everything they want by simply demanding it.

You have to do it for yourself one day: we can no longer be held accountable. The whites you hate are the ones who marched on the civil rights movement. Other blacks resent the declaration of independence and demand the elimination of the federate flag. Finally, if these ivory tower pretenders want to blame us for the pain they feel, I have to ask, how long do professors of Afro studies spend in the projects??? EXACTLY! Black people need to Grow up, and yet, it’s not my issue if they don’t want to move beyond race. Me personally, I’ve transcended colour by indulging on a steady diet of Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and The Secret. Race is not the primary threat to humanity right down. The Oppression of the LGBTQI is which is why Newton was right when he said: “a person should have the freedom to use his body in whatever way he wants.” I agree, and will add the words of Baldwin who exclaimed that freaks “are human beings who cause to echo, deep within us, our most profoundest terrors and desires.” Most black people despise me because I am not oppressed. I’ve gone beyond all limitations and experience life as it comes. I have no baggage and no white man is oppressing me. I move with the wind, and am free like the water. Form is an illusion, and love is all that matters. We are all Gods and creating our own reality, thought is ultimate. If anyone else wants to achieve this peace of mind join AFROS (the Association For Restoring Overt Slavery) and lets shackle those people who have always disrupted, interfered and sabotaged, the progress of the human race.

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