The Marva Collins Story and Excerpts of Marva Collins’ Pedagogy

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African Blood Siblings

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“An answer brings no illumination unless the question has matured to a point where it gives rise to this answer which thus becomes its fruit. Therefore learn how to put a question.” — African Proverb (KMT)

To be meaningfully shown something, one’s perception must be prepared for it. For instance, one can never understand that the x-derivative of 4x is 4 without the mathematical preparation in differential calculus. It was understood in ancient times: “routine and prejudice distort vision.” The typical pedagogy, or science of education, today doesn’t take into account either routine or prejudice in accessing students. When neither are considered, students are unlikely to see what they are shown, justifying teachers mis-labeling students disabled as well as discouraging students from the tradition of self-development. Marva Collins in what she calls “The Socratic Method,” though Socrates was only a student to Africans

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