new order of barbarians

It’s Time For Whites To Reinstate Slavery

This month is “Black August.” Yes, you heard it: “Black August.” Another month appropriated and colonised by blacks. Nowhere in the world do you hear “Hispanic July”, “Jewish February” or “Yellow May” and yet, when blacks do it we are meant to turn away, feign blindness and play dead. No more! Together we must end this “racism” and ensure that we can have a fair society that is equal and just and yet, so long as we have this permissible discrimination, like Martin’s dream, this will remain a fantasy? Its time to buckle up and put the foot down: these people have not only learned, but mastered helplessness, believing that everyone that goes wrong in their lives is the fault of someone else. They are handicapped by their imagination. It is not reverse racism: it is racism; it is prejudice, and it is generalising which damages whites and yet, when blacks engage in it, it is “revered racism.” This was not Martin Luther King’s dream.

Since 2008 we have endured and tolerated extreme hostility in the form of a menacing black phantom in the white house. Unlike black people who are privileged enough to see white people on TV all day long, unfortunately, whites are not that privileged, and yet, at no point did anyone insist upon a sensitisation period for these people to adjust to the sight of a black president. Not once did anyone suggest a commission to address the damaging effects of this on the collective white psyche. Not one white person was given counselling for the psychic harm this has done, and yet, in spite of this acquired deficiency, whites have been expected to go to work each day and pretend all is fine, but this is insanity. Whites ought to all take an immediate break from work as it is unthinkable that they should have to endure the stress of employment in addition to the burden of being exposed and subjected to an aggressive thug in the presidents abode. They should be given leave and put on sick pay, and even awarded damages, NOW.

At this point, its time for us to uncover the radical militarism of these Black Nationalist, supremacist, terrorists, first by unveiling their concealed beliefs and attitudes about how they really feel about us: -when, by marrying into whiteness, blacks try to overcome racial segregation and promote multi-culturism and diversity, they are accused of being: sell-outs; choc-ice; bounty; Michael Jackson’s; -if blacks disagree with Pan-Africanist rhetoric, they are accused of being disruptive agents; uncle-toms; saboteurs and “confused.” -if blacks are not seen as being part of the monumental, group-think of “black culture”, then the following diatribe is thrown at them as they are accused of being: traitors. Worst still, the being Orwellian crime that black people have been responsible for is political correctness, which is linguistic suppression. They are reducing our thinking by limiting our words. What Mel Gibson said in private, these people are screaming on street-corners? If this N-word is so damaging should white people not be compensate for all the time they have been forced to hear it?

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