I often ask why black people would endorse a notion of mental illness when logically, historically, it was this abstract apparatus which was used to exploit them and keep them subjugated. Historically, the mentally ill person was excluded from the realm of being human. They are rendered a child; someone with diminished responsibility who thereby ought not to be heard, but to be marginalised; to be denied; to be invalidated. In short, to be mentally ill is to be short of being human. It is to be a non-human, a non-entity, to be life not worthy of life, and yet, if this is so, why would blacks endorse this when it was the same argument and practice always used to justify their psychological and geographical enslavement. It is because black people are out of their minds, and yes, the irony is that they NOW ARE MENTALLY ILL. The only sane people are those distressed and made ill by the sickness around them, and yet, as non-consciousness dictates, those who are sick must assume they are the standard and model of health, whereby the minority, as they are “unlike” the majority, must be labelled, diagnosed, medicated and ultimately “denigrated.” This is the function served when black people throw about terms like “Mental illness”, and why then do they do this/. Is it because “drilled they continue drilling.” No, that is mistaken. It is because they are sick people infected by the supremacist mindset which dictates that they must denigrate, dominate and degrade all life they come across and so when people like myself, volatile and temperamental, but born with that flame, that protest, that passion, they must do all they can to mobilise and neutralise us, and that necessitates that they ABSOLUTELY MUST subvert our reality.

Their word are the psychosocial violence of persuasion as they attempt to have us abandon our loyalties to our reality, and attempt to have us deny the reality we experience in favour of what we are told, and so, the must realise very quickly that WE ARE NOT BLACK. Blackness is a sickness that we are not a part of. Nor are we HUMAN. White people have denied us that. We are not even really individuals are we are denied this space in an environment totally saturated by the idea of the supremacist. We are only minds and desperate ones as such. We have very little, if not noting, and so, our word is our weapon, if not just our bond .the question is, and what can we do to rebel. What can we do to restore sanity, to restore sanity? Naturally, we have to say that we must rescue the people form their illness and yet, these lunatics are absolutely convinced they re “right,” they are the way, that they are the truth, and that they are the Gods. Maybe this is why Bertrand Russell observed many years ago that the whole problems with the world is that the fools are so cocksure full of themselves in their ignorance, whilst the wise are so full of doubts, and yet, maybe there is more to this. Perhaps this is why Manly Palmer observed that the mysteries should never have been shared with the profane, for as they profane mass has done with specialist language and concepts, these sacred texts have been misappropriated, subverted and expediently denigrated. Nowadays, everyone seems to know what KARMA is without ever having read a book; they all know what “EGO” is without ever looked at it in dept, conceptually, or independently. Nowadays, people think they are entitled to everything without any effort, or without any obligation to fulfil minimal qualifications or requirements, for this is the supremacist mindset; it just takes, it just teaches, but it never learns, it never asks.

This is the supremacist mindset that we so desperately venture to get away form and yet, where do we go when this mindset has shaped so much of the landscape and in doing this, it is has tarnished so much of the horizons. In the movie “They Live” it is suggested that the signal be cut off from the source, and yet, how do we do this when the hostile enemy and the bitter forces, those who have adopted the logical of destructiveness and the madness of terror, are the very people upon which we do desperately depend. No one is an island it has been said, and yet we still find ourselves so long. We cannot unlearn this gift of discernment and our consciousness for it is not in us, it is US. We are that consciousness surrounded by total oblivion which masquerades as the real. We are the substance that shadows attempt to usurp. We are the real and yet it is us being told we are the false. We are the prisoners of this madness the hostages of this insanity; the only people with discerning minds, and perhaps functional brains, and yet, where do we go to in our efforts to address this balance. By what means are we to demonstrate and prove that we are sane, but better still, why should we prove what we know, what is true and what is inherent. Why should we have to show others who we are. We simply are. and even so, how would we show this to crazy people for it is these crazies who believe we were mad without any evidence, unless of course we are going to pretend that their justification was the realisation that we were the “the same”; the realisation that we were not “Like them” how can we explain and justify ourselves to lunatics who have established themselves as the centre of the world; who genuinely conceive of everything as existing as mere extensions of themselves; who think that nothing else is, or ought to be unless they are its validators.

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