Undiluted Expressionz

I recently, rather reluctantly, handed a copy of “Making Malone” to an “associate.” Evidently, he harbours feelings of contempt realising that for all his efforts, his mind simply won’t be as discerning as my own. He often pretends to praise my faculties and yet, it is a transparent cover for his veiled hostility. Indeed, he is very much like a “white” person in as much as he despises that which reveals, upon comparison, his relative failings. He has implied that I have the ability to master any subject, and yet, what is this really saying: that he need not worry about matching up with me, even though his ambivalence and despair manifests in a myriad of ways which seemingly reflect his disrupted thought patterns. Even the implication that I have some special mind is insulting, for how can a mediocre mind claim to possess, or be, the standard against which the better minds can be measured? It is patently ridiculous, especially considering that for many “my intelligence begins where yours peaks at.” Of course, the fools who read this will suggest I am a megalomaniac suffering from illusions of grandeur, and yet, where do they get this “slang” from?

We would have much less trouble if our psychologists refrained from speaking for the first five years, for most of them are preaching with no more foundation for their eloquence than two weeks’ study with someone no better informed than themselves.
— Manly P Hall; What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of Its Disciples view

Jacques Ellul wrote “the banality of Einstein’s remarks on matters outside of his speciality was as astonishing as his genius within it.” Meanwhile James Brown wrote “…people are said to have lost the ability to take the cultural issues seriously – a view expressed in T.W. Adorno’s statement that ‘radio has made Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony a hit tune which is easy to whistle’, implying that popular culture has made of the classic something to be consumed rather than understood.” In the first instance, if people who take Einstein to be the pinnacle of brilliance, have their idol so easily undermined, then what does that say about them and if anything, what might it suggest about the mental capacity. In my view, the fact that Ellul so easily exposes the failings to Einstein also immediately demolishes the credibility of those who worship his image, and yet, as the Brown quote indicated, with the mass culture making a farce of anything material, consequence, or just real, it is no surprise that these people are mystified with the shadow – they are the unconscious. They have no grace. They are those who operate with the supremacist mindset and function accordingly.

These are the beings with the envious eyes who attempt to put our children in conflict with reality. These are the people who stand at the front of classroom and give instructions which subvert the reality of others through the violence of persuasion and the threat of punishment. They are pitiful creatures and yet, still to be despised for their destructive tendencies, far from merely being distractions, remain dangerous. These are the beings that drain the life from the real, and then, upon appropriating and, or imitating the genuine characteristics, make themselves “representatives” of this authenticity. These are the niggers. Niggers are not gracious. Their culture is that of rumour, gossip and hearsay. They are captivated by the unreal, by the imaginative, by the fantastic. They are not discerning because they are not real, and only the substance can see through the shadow. Niggers, much rather, are those who have fallen. They live in a fragmented world of largely false horizons, which itself permits them to speculate. For niggers the world is simply an extension of their sickness, and so, those who are not yet subject to their imposed order must be made sick, pathological, dysfunctional or similarly maladjusted. They are obsessed with domination and appearances.

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