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Press Release
Making Malone, Released April 25th 2012 pp.: 178, published by Adept Dimensions, UK, Paperback £9.99

Making Malone (M/M) is a book which explores the meaning of black intellect within the context of white supremacy. Following the life, and exploring the essays of G.Malone (a monster made by the system of white domination), Making Malone arrives at some unfortunate and painful conclusions which suggest that so long as white-identified/”innocent” people remain in charge of major resources and institutions, human potential will not be liberated and the African personality will remain self-destructive rather than self-determining.

“Each culture defines giftedness in its own image”, Donna Y Ford argued, and yet, in this book, the author effectively shows that the nature of white domination necessitates that giftedness must be denied. Rather than liberate people, the author advances, this system limits the very essence of what it means to exist, all in the name of maintaining the brutal power equation of white rule. It under-develops people and not only disadvantages many; it murders them.

Going beyond mere rhetorical ploys, Making Malone is a book of prophecy and passion, written with a desire to see an end to a dehumanising system which is violent to the core. Notwithstanding the victimisers, irrespective of whom you are, there is no escaping this system of domination; by its very nature, it disfigures personality, manufactures sickness, and imposes violence. Challenging this unbearable and intolerable injustice, Making Malone calls forward a new paradigm and a new vision of reality to absolve the eternal rage of indignation created by this system.

…prepare to be offended.

Title: Making Malone: Volume 1
Subtitle: Finding Solitude
ISBN: 978-0-9571284-6-0
Author: Gossano Malone
Publication date: April 25, 2012
Publisher Name: Adept Dimensions
Price: £9.99
Format: Paperback
# Pages: 178
# Illustrations: 0
Subject: Criminology and Oppression Studies (J.K)
Topics: 1. Oppression studies; 2. Protest; 3. Supremacy; 4. Giftedness; 5. Memoir; 6. Prophecy
Short Description: “Making Malone (volume 1) explores the destructive consequences of systems of racial injustice which manufacture mayhem, in the process of making monsters.”
Endorsement: “…the authentic voice of your generation…” C.James

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