Ghetto Colony (Making Malone)

Although you have said that you will make an effort to read the full text closer to a live exchange, I feel it would facilitate our capacity for in depth communication if I explained a little bit more about myself, and the text. I am as complicated as I am difficult and therefore, I feel it helps to establish and stick to the basics when I engage with people. That being so, I wrote the following to sum up who I am:

I have no special powers. I have no herbs to sell. I have no genetic superiority. I am not hosting any debates, and I am not lecturing on ancient kemet. I have no radio interviews to purchase. I have no PhD’s and I have no “letters.” I’m as “dumb” as “bo”, and on top of this, I’m not even part of any organisation. I’m just some disillusioned “youngster” who happens to have more “inspiration” than “education”, and more “sense” than “cents.” My only credentials are my essays, and these ought to be judged by the degree of discernment that they demonstrate… This being so, read them, and if you like what I write, then get in touch!!!

About the book: last year, on this day, I was released from a Young Offenders Institution (Y.O.I.) despite not being guilty of the crime I was supposed to be in there for. Nevertheless, whilst inside, in addition to being comprehensively victimised, I continued my critical musings and theological reflections. Prior to being arrested, I had been developing a series of essays that were to examine the major facets of “black life (pathology.)” I had always been someone concerned with justice, but came to realise that not everyone was as serious as they professed or pretended to be. This being so, I decided to complete a manuscript that would enable future practitioners to come to terms with the criminals conditions they were to be born into… Making Malone is an attempt to continue this effort.

Making Malone is actually centred on two letters that I wrote whilst inside the YOI, (“Feltham”.) The other essays were written shortly after being released, however, it was only much later I decided to arrange and compile these essays into a book, with Making Malone being the finished product. Although Making Malone seems like it is a mere journal which chronicles instances of victimisation, as you read on, I am sure you will discover that those aspects of it are mere minor inclusions. The real thrust of the text explores an “invisible” person’s attempt to examine their life, within the context of a society that denies them existence and defines them out of reality, and, as a result, manufactures monstrosities. This text has many dimensions, and includes various commentaries on mixed matters and diverse topics. This being so, please feel free to liberally discuss any themes of interest, and lets try an establish a comprehensive yet constructive dialogue.

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