No Hell Like Home (Making Malone)

G Wiz,

Greetings random people; I’m Grand Wizard (author of “Making Malone”, 2012), and I am emailing to cast a “spell” on you, and perhaps set up a space in which we might engage in potentially constructive dialogue. Before that, however, I must first see if we are on the same page, and not just the same screen. This being so, please review the following two paragraphs, and respond if you either agree, or cannot disagree with “us”:

‘We as black people are still on the outside looking in. That has not changed since the report came out.’
Doreen Lawrence

Here is the context. We are in a total system of domination. We are captive; we are hostage; we are prisoners. We are therefore vulnerable, but in an attempt to normalise a criminal situation, helplessness is imposes upon us. In line with this, we are seen as reckless and irresponsible children who require guardians and need supervision. We are therefore made incapable, by conditions which ensure we do not rise above our circumstance. At the same time, the white establishment denies this reality, which itself, implies that we are “insane” i.e. out of touch/unreal. We are therefore seen as malingers despite this condition of “diminished responsibility.” This being so, we are further treated as irrational people, who live in fantasy, and fail to go beyond the imagination, which means that, treated as irrational non-entities, we are essentially contained and marginalised. Domination must therefore spell pathology, for white excellence must come at cost of non-white mediocrity. White self-determination means non-white else-dependence. So long as this “sickness” of domination exists, and persists, it is absurd to even mention non-white delinquency.

Being predicated upon our oppression, the white establishment must refuse to recognise, or fail to identify competence among us. Instead, it must sabotage our potential, meaning, we must be rendered impotent, so as to not threaten the existing order or challenge the establishment. Often, this sabotage comes in the form of confusion brought on by “friendly whites” who claim they want to dismantle “privilege” despite operating from “privileged” positions. If, however, they were sincere, they would confront the ridiculousness of the inherent contradiction found in their position: that the fact they see themselves as “liberal” only testifies to the totality of the denied domination. At the same time, it is illogical for any white to try and work toward the eradication of pathology created by the non-consciousness of their domination. It makes much more sense for the guards to consult the other guards that the prisoners are in cells, rather than working towards liberation by coming into the actual cages. So far, I have concluded that anyone who doesn’t start from a position similar to this, in supposedly working for liberation, is a fraud, if not just inconsequential.

Again, thank you for reading, and let’s continue to work towards justice

… and if anyone is offended by anything I’ve said, nothing personal; take it collectively.

Yours ‘gracefully’… the dishonoured victim of racist contempt…


The Endangered Black Family (Nathan and Julia Hare)
Black on Black Violence (Amos Wilson)
I Write What I Like (Steve Biko)
A Savage Culture (Remi Kapo)

Making Malone, Released April 25th 2012 pp:178, published by Adept Dimensions, UK, Paperback £9.99,
Copies will also be on sale at “Afrikan Liberation Day”, Saturday May 26th at Chestnuts community Centre in Tottenham, N15 5BN, 3PM SHARP – 8PM

‘Essayist and theatre practitioner, Grand Wizard Gos (“[O].G.Malone”) is a White Nationalist devoted to defending the borders against all illegal immigrants and legal aliens (aka, “foreigners”.) Founder of “A.F.R.O.S.*” the slowest declining pan-European organisation in East London, “G.Wiz” is committed to “creating spaces” where meaningful discussions can take place to counter the deceptive dialogues.’

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