From Malcolm X to Mark Essex

G Wiz

It has been a little while since the last broadcast. I have been missing, and yet, I am brought out of retirement on this date which marks 40 years since the passing of the legendary solider, James Robert. Generally little is known about JR Essex as his tale has been deliberately forgotten and maliciously erased by those who wouldn’t want the oppressed to get the wrong idea, and yet, is it their responsibility to remind people of the fallen warriors? Ultimately, the duty to be ON DUTY remains with those who are concerned with liberation, and yet, who was more concerned with liberation than Mark Essex? Maybe some were, but unlike him, their execution of this ultimate concern was not necessarily demonstrated.

I first heard of Mark Essex through reading Elliott Leyton’s “Hunting Humans” which was a text on serial killers. It was, also, this work of Leyton’s which provided some of the stimulus for “Making Malone” (2012.) Although this “racist suspect” had encountered Mark Essex in his studies, this was the first time I was exposed to this historical figure who died fighting white supremacy, even if his means were futile. Dying in the field, he didn’t complete his mission; however, the difference is he was sentient enough to discern this nature of the task and for this knowledge applied, on January 7th, 1973, after setting out on December 31st, 1972, the liberation effort of Mark Essex was thwarted as he was gunned down.

I will not present the legend of Mark Essex as there are many versions, and I want you to read into it for yourself. Leyton’s “Hunting Humans” might serve as a useful source as I am not going to save you a trip to the library. Indifference is no way; is only preludes death. For those concerned research and learn about Mark Essex, and ask yourself why, alongside Robert Williams and the Deacons for Defence, his legend is rarely uttered. It is not a “silence” that “the system” manufactured, for, as explained elsewhere, a system is “the hierarchical organisation of production – the system of bosses and employees – and the social, economic and political practices that go along with it…” In summary, “the system” may be read as “the hierarchy”, and this means that people participate in the collusion which enables these events to go without recognition, and yet, I not only remember Mark Essex, I honour him in continuing on that difficult and lonely road. Salute

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