The Edward Morten Letter


Having completed a century of posts, I had no intention of returning here, however, a few things came up which briefly bring me out of retirement, starting with the following:

 Has anyone read this email recently? I have nothing to say on it.

November 13th, 1774

* Edward Morten was a wealthy British merchant from Liverpool. In 1774, he travelled to America amidst the madness of multiple African uprisings. Being a specialist in his field, his services were in high demand, and so he was consulted on the question of how to quell rebellion and settle the colour question. In this only recorded speech of his, we gain an insight into some of the mechanisms and strategies which he used in order to maintain the British system of chattel enslavement and continental colonisation. Although there may be some doubt about other historical speeches, there is no contesting the impact of this address given at an old convention.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have come from overseas to teach you exactly how it is that we have been so effective in containing the Africans. They have tried to rebel against the system of enslavement for so long that we had to improve upon our methods in order to dominate and subjugate them. I have come here, however, having found the ultimate solution for this timeless problem, and believe that by the end of today, by the time I leave, I will have blessed you with the secrets of how to control the African

 I want to share with you the fact that the methods we have discovered will surely last for more than 400 years. We have perfected a system of bondage so complete that even when the first phase merely evolves, the victims of this deception will come to believe that the complete system has been eradicated. I can assure you that this plan will not be realised by the African because we will make the average African so superficial that they will never see through the illusion.

Firstly, I want to remind you exactly why it is necessary that we maintain this system of controlling the African. If the Africans can be tricked into being forever dependent on us, they will never return home to reclaim their heritage. In this way, we will remain as the only people with exclusive access to, and complete control of their land, wealth and resources. In time, we will come to own their territory for so long that we will make an empire out of this occupation. In fact, in time, we will change their names from Africans to “blacks” so as to separate them from their heritage. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first phase. We will confuse them by stripping them of their identities and rendering them utterly confused. This will be accomplished, principally by changing their names, and secondarily, by separating them from their cultural heritage. We will impose our language, attire, culture and religion upon them, so that they come to identify with our constructs more than their own culture. In time, we will slowly denigrate their heritage so that they disconnect from it, and find solace in our illusion.

After we have robbed them of their religion, language, culture and heritage; we will then rob them of their minds. We will keep them at the mercy of our manipulation by ensuring that we at all times control their education. We will control every major medium of communication so that all the information which constructs their thinking will be guided and constructed by us. In this way, they will slowly come to even imagine that we are all one people, with a shared culture and heritage. All the while, we will not reveal to them the huge disparities in power that will be one of our biggest secrets. We will also create secret societies to pass transmit these secrets to the selected rulers, and withhold this manipulation from outsiders.

We will turn these people from kings and queens to pimps and prostitutes, by getting them addicted to indulgences. They will come to be more interested in partying than protesting. They will come to worship the culture of celebrity entertainers, so that they will preserve the system we perpetuate, in trying to master and imitate it. Furthermore, we will create competition between them by creating a system which rewards the more fair-skinned members.

Once implemented, this plan will be so effective that it will gradually cease to need programmers. It will come to be autonomous, correcting itself when the system presents an anomaly. In time, we will even graduate these oppressed people to the position of being operators in this system.  At present, we are not sure how long the system of colonialism will last, however, when they eventually agitate for independence, we will give them only the illusion of freedom whilst introducing a new phase of control which might just be called neo-colonialism.

 We will emasculate their men and ‘masculinise’ their women. In time, their men will turn to homosexuals and their women will turn to lesbians. We will make sure that the men never remain in the home so that their families are always broken. In Britain, the industrial de-volution has helped this process by isolating young males from their father figures. The young no longer are initiated through rites of passage programs because they no longer apprentice with their parents. Along these lines we will exclude these males from the labour market so that they will never pose a threat to our power, in the form of competition. Their men will be forced into the illegal underworld, at which point, we shall condemn them.

 I must get back to my ship, so will have to cut this talk short, but I assure you ladies and gentlemen that if you start the first phase of this plan, these people will not know what hit them. The world is ready for us to take our place as its rightful rulers and natural masters. We will rise again. Thank You.



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3 Responses to The Edward Morten Letter

  1. An English Willie Lynch letter….how fitting. You know, whites claim that these letters on “how to make a slave” is utterly false.

    Anything to disprove the cold, calculating monster that dwells within them.

  2. Onitaset says:

    This one doesn’t pretend to be real which is sadly ironic.

    One poignant distinction between Originalism and Occidentalism, the ways of Africans and the ways of Europeans, respectively, is that the latter relies upon Myths for truth. It’s something when an African relies on myth for truths because that’s an unnecessary detour.

    More, this sort of prescience given Europeans is a disadvantageous aspect of African thought. When we give the European such amazing intelligence that even in 1774, before the American Republic, he envisioned “Neo-Colonizing” Africa we minimize our own role in all this struggle.

    It’s false that the European plans 400 years into the future. Very false. What’s true is that Africans give Europeans 400 years. These letters should not be written in the perspective of Europeans but Africans. We should be reading letters from African people who have forsaken acting against our oppression and voluntarily welcomed what fate visits upon us today. For that’s a greater truth.

    When a young man is killed by a Police Officer, we each write a letter to the Police Department saying that we won’t do a thing about it.

    Maybe I should make that explicit with a falsified post dealing with that very subject. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Brother Gos,

  3. Of course it wasn’t really written in 1774. The words “partying” and “de-volution” were not on 18th century lips. The point I take from it is to imagine how pleased the colonizers of Africa would be by what we have continued to do to people of African descent 200+ years later.

    All in all it is powerful, though the writer’s homophobia is depressing. It is incredibly insulting to suggest that gay or lesbian blacks must have gotten that way through the workings of racism and colonialism.

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