Monkey Mayhem


Samuel Eto’o was subjected to monkey chants from the La Rosaleda [Malaga] crowd [November 2008] before being booed off by the crowd when he was substituted in the second half. Surprisingly it is not the first time Eto’o has had to deal with racist abuse, as the player was the focus of racist chants in 2006 against Real Zaragoza


With the recent travesty of a European making monkey gestures at an olympics event, I thought I would give this event some context:

  • Mark Zoro (of Ivory Cost) played for Messina, but against Inter Milan, he picked up the ball and threatened to walk off the field in 2006.
  • Thierry Henry (twice World Player of the Year Runner Up) “I can tell you many times, monkey chants or people spitting at me when I was taking a corner kick…”
  • In October 2004, ahead of a clash, the Spanish coah was caught speaking Arsenal’s Jose Reyes about his club team-mate Thierry Henry, “give it to the black…show that black piece of shit that you are better than he is.” Later, Henry explained, “to be honest the first time I heard it I thought it was a joke.”
  • In England’s game against Spain that year (wed 17, Nov 2004) Wright Phillips and Ashley Cole were subjected to Monkey Chants. Ferdinand, however, claimed he was ready to walk off the field. As for Aragones, although he was fined £2,000 in March 2005. Wednesday, February 7, he appealed against the Fine and won.
  • In 2011 Chelsea’s John Terry was accused of racially insulting Anton Ferdinand (Ashley Cole jumped to defend him, to be polite.)
  • In December 2012, Uruguary’s Luis Suarez was found guilty of racially tormenting France international, Patrice Evra. He was banned for eight matches.
  • Tuesday April 20, 2004 Pundit Ron Atkinson calls on-field player, defender Marcel Desailly a “lazy nigger.” (Chelsea lost 3-1)  Later says, after stepping down, “to the people I offended, particularly Marcel Desailly, I would apologise for the comments I made… it was not an intention comment, but it was an unfortunate one.. I did not even know I had said it… I have worked with more black players, I would think, than any other manager in the country and I bet none of them has ever heard me say it to them.” Ian Wright was “absolutely disgusted.”
  • February 2012. In a Europe League game between Porto and Man City, Mario Balotelli and Yaya Toure were racially abused. Porto were fined.
  • Ahead of England and Italy’s Euro 2012, the Italian paper, Gazetta, published a picture comparing Balotelli (the first “black” to play for “Italy”) to King Kong astride the Big Ben. The newspaper said: “We have to admit that it wasn’t our cartoonist’s best product. In these times we need a bit more moderation, caution and good taste … we have always fought against racism and condemned booing against Balotelli as unacceptable.”
  • John Ludden revealed that when he moved from Boca Juniors (South America) to Barcelona (Europe) “Maradona failed to settle in the chic surroundings of the Catalan capital. He was regarded by many as a sudaca, an insulting term for a dark skinned South American.”
  • Beskitas rejeted claims that former Arsenal defender (Ivory Coast international) Galataseray’s Emmanuel Eboue was racially abused in the 2011 derby.

and finally, let us not forget the classic:

  • [Christopher Alders] death in April 1998 was one of the most controversial in police custody. Closed-circuit TV footage was recovered showing the 37-year-old father-of-two gasping for air as officers chatted and joked around him. The film showed he received no help from five police officers, who thought he was play acting, as he lost his fight for life. It took 11 minutes for him to stop breathing. Afterwards, as Alder lay dead, monkey-like noises were detected on the audio tape.

 and then there’s this one which I just read:

  • …During the seven week inquest officers were accused of placing the handcuffed Mr Rigg face down in the prone position, with his legs bent back touching his buttocks in the small caged foot well of the police van. They all denied the claims. Southwark Coroner’s Court was told the ‘hog-tied’ position poses a serious risk of positional asphyxia as it restricts a person’s ability to breath. Recording a narrative verdict, Dr Andrew Harris read the jury’s verdict to the court, saying:  ‘The restraint of Sean Rigg lasted approximately eight minutes whilst the hand cuffing took approximately thirty seconds… Sean Rigg was in the prone position throughout the entire restraint… ‘The agreed view of the jury is that Sean Rigg was struggling but not violent… ‘The length of the restraint was therefore unnecessary… ‘It is the majority view of this jury that this more than minimally contributed to Sean’s death.’ (Daily Mail, August, 2012)


Post Script:

(6) Dodd, Vikram (23/06/02) “Monkey chants as black man died ‘not racist’” The Guardian

Ten years ago, a coroner’s jury returned a verdict that Mr Alder was unlawfully killed and in 2002 five Humberside Police officers went on trial accused of manslaughter and misconduct in public office but they were cleared of all charges on the orders of the judge.They were also cleared of disciplinary charges in 2003.

When it was later discovered that someone else had been buried in his place, Janet Alder told the Yorkshire Post: “It just adds insult to injury. I am just so disgusted. How do you mistake a male for a female?”’ Finally in November 2011, there was a breakthrough (yes, 23 years later) as “the Government …issued a landmark apology for serious failings relating to the death of a black former British Army soldier in police custody.” And lest we forget Lawrence 1993-2012 (wow

The thought Ota Benga come to mind.

Need we continue

anyway, read Moorbey’s Blog For More

 “its like making gorillas comfortable in a cage, or monkeys, or panda’s. You still got them in a cage but they’re comfortable… it’s like giving an animal a brand new car and training the animal to ride up and down the street in it and then you stand back and point at the animal like one white man said in the late 1950’s. He said he doesn’t care what kind of car a negro has. He said he’s still a nigger. and when he rides by in a shiny new car, to him, its just a monkey in car. White people built the car, put a monkey in it… see now black people don’t see themselves that way but this is how the white supremacists see us and they are the ones who run our business and we have to know that; that when they look at us, that that’s what they see… and at a subliminal level, what they see begins to spill over into our brains so that we at a subliminal level see each other that way and indirectly see ourselves that way…

~ Fuller (interviewed on Beverly D, 2008)


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