Organised Notes

31 March 1993, Mother referred him to speech and language nursery team, “able to tolerate adult interaction but would not engage in direct eye contact… tends to play alone in nursery and finds it difficult to engage himself in social interactional games…. needed prompting to initiate symbolic play… experiencing some difficulty with social interaction e.g. interactive play; eye contact. [——]
9 June 1993 “was referred in September ’91 to the speech and language therapy day nursery team by staff at his nursery because he was not talking much.”
14 March 1994, Dr——, Clinical Assistant to Dr ——, “thank you for your letter about this 5 year old who had episodes of staring and being unaware of his surroundings…I could find no abnormalities… he seems rather anxious… I think there is likely to be some stress in the family.”
—— was the Social Worker allocated July 1995 (0181 937 4737)

2003 March, Tonsillitis for 3 days,

2004, BCOM: 2004: May 4, 10, 17, 23 , June 7, 17 (dna), 24, – Nov 9, 15, 23, then 2005: Jan 20, 24/9?, May 12, 23,
2004 18 June, A.S.W., —— referred by police, shore ward assessed and reported, 23/06/04 “gifted”,

2005, 7 October, mention of deformities of both knees from last five years,
2005 * Northwick Park, 6 July 2005, Mental Health issue, “had to go “somewhere” wanted appt to be seen on Monday. Obviously not an emergency; [he] should have been referred to Brondesbury Rd CMHT…” was referred by doctor regarding Panic Attack, on July 1, 2005,

2006, 27 February, discussion of Straighten leg, surgery at St Mary
2006 May 5, Radiologist report on KNEE, consulted —— K,
2006, 8 June, left knee pain, had an MRI and they referred him to physio, Park Royal,
2006, 25 July lower back pain, referred to physio, and referred to St Mary’s
2006 30 November, Park Royal review of condition, suggests four month trial physio, and asks about foot support; also mentioned shoulder pain!!!
2006 13 December report on patella tracking; “I recommend a referral to podiatry.” Willesden; referred to physio and this is her assessment

2007, 13 March, Willesden Podiatry department
2007 18 May, St Mary, MRI scan shows “degenerative disc at L4/L5 with no evidence of neutral compression.” Lower back pain, no leg pain; referred to physio
2007 26 July, physio, just two St Mary’s, 13 July, ——, 6 month review of PR physio on wasting knee

2008 30 April, knee —
2008 24 July, —— on Speech and Language, initial assessment was on 17 July,

2009 6 October, Pain Left Knee, Minor Injuries Unit,
2009 Nov 11 park royal Orthopaedic Department, KNEE PAIN,

2010 15 July, Court Mental Health (later September 2010) by Dr A——,
2010 25 Oct, ASPERGERS SYNDROME but where is WOODSIDE Clinic???

2011 Feb 16 then presented on 22nd February diagnosed Dyslexia and Aspergers Syndrome’; outcome of referral “…provide Mr [Malone] with resources to investigate support and treatment options.” D—— was Clinical Psychologist, ——, Occupational Therapist, 26 Oct 2009,
2011: 24 May 2011, Depression (Doctor Note)
2011 6 June, Kilburn square podiatry,
2011 Wed 8 June —— family therapist (MISSED APPOINTMENT!)
2011 Monday 13 June Dr ——
2011 12 August, Housing Support Letter with ——
2011: 8 August 2011 —— refers to Park Royal
2011 Podiatry Nov 2011-April 2012, —— etc,

2012 19 Jan West Hampstead, first seen 23 Nov 2012, “lateral thigh pain. On assessment a diagnosis of muscular insufficiency due to aberrant biomechanics was made; treatment consisted of activity modification, deep tissue release, gait-reduction and progressive strengthening exercises.”
2012 BCMHT: 29 Feb 2012, 21 May 2012, (June 2010 was first)
2012 6 March, —— joint meeting, dismisses him; writes letter for future GP dated 15 March
2012: May 24??? Northwick Park with —–

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