Just Jest

Until you go jail, or see the bars around you, I do not think you can get a thorough, or even basic understanding of what racist thought is and how it operates (or, is operated i.e. by functional supremacists, practicing/participating racists or those acting-white.) Until you go inside, and see the illusion for what it is, and realise that there is “NO RECOURSE”, I do not think you can properly appreciate the danger you are in, as a non-member, so long as the system of non-consciousness/domination is functioning, and in existence. Being a total system, it is all-encompassing, and actually taken for granted. It is the walls around you that sculpt your thinking, fashion your attitudes, and shape your mind; it is the people you identify with, and think you relate/belong to; being a total system, there is no escaping it, even if you embrace it. It is everything masquerading as normal because it – everything – was all shaped by the supremacist mind(set) or simply, eventually engulfed by it, but why? It must be this way because the supremacist mind(Set) must homogenise everything. It can not tolerate “dissonance” as that might undermine it. It requires total control, which means, imitation. It has to be pleased, served and flattered. Let us understand that!

The supremacist mind(set), although fragile, is definitely not weak. It is guarded and protected, but violent and deadly. By variance, it is threatened, but it is not vulnerable. It might even make sense to conceive of the supremacist mind as a reaction to oblivion (meaninglessness) and nihilism (death), and yet, it is not sufficient, or appropriate, to claim that it is a compensation for loneliness (insignificance.) It would, however, be accurate to suggest that the people who react to this domination are those who attempt to salvage an identity that they imagine reconciles the tension/conflict, which must arise as a result of coming into contact with this mindset. The confrontation is, if not necessary, inevitable, as by definition, this mindset is supreme. If not “checked” by the primary-sources of this sickness, those yet to come into contact with the supremacist mind(set) will surely be touched (wounded) by those who operate upon the principles devised by it. That is people who must be in control at all costs, and who demand that you recognise them as such; these are people who worship “iconic” materials and celebrate violence; these are people who see little wrong with justice, but express outrage only as a façade. It is really everything authentic.

By definition, in colonising the real, the supremacist mindset – as imposed, perpetuated and operated by those who adhere to its rules and principles – must render everything else an unreality. By making itself the sole authority and source of knowledge (even, “inspiration”), it necessarily creates a situation wherein anything which is not born of it must be scrutinised and subject to incredulous doubt, fanatical fault-finding and sceptical questioning. At worst, anything said by non-members which runs contrary to this supremacist mind(set) must be undermined, especially by ridicule (insult), and this typically takes the form of name-calling, and speculative accusations. People who do not conform are said to be of unsound mind; to be “ill”, “sick”, “mad,” “crazy”, etc. These are pejoratives and attempts to silence. They are attempts to quiet disagreement, in an effort to re-establish “consensus”, which again, is an attempt to maintain domination. Worse still, if completely effective, this linguistic violence, in excluding “people” from the “human family” properly prepares, and sets the stage, for the annihilation of “dissenters”, who are naturally depicted as “hostile” and/or “enemy.” In this way, the system maintains itself, as alternative insights and fresh perspectives become impossible, by virtue of being inconceivable.

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  1. I’ve been called crazy all my life. It’s those that don’t see the illnesses of racism that are crazy.

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