Epistemic Insult

Since 2004, I’ve had at least two major injuries/symptoms. I only learned this in February of this year, when, after much complaining, I obtained a copy of my medical records and ordered them correctly. Instantly, I saw the pattern: the pattern of “neglect”, which itself, might be better understood as failure. It seems that I was simply bounced around from various “specialists” without any practitioner realising that there was something “deeper” going on here. These fragmented thinkers/people did not see the pattern or were simply not attentive (concerned) enough to recognise the trends which signalled damage and/or deterioration. Naturally, when I received and appraised my records, I was disgusted. After all the leg-work I had been doing, they had it at their fingertips all along, but just weren’t bothered (moved) enough to intervene. Attempting to compensate, I finally concluded that they would not “help” (i.e. sponsor, support etc) me, unless I made a dent in their pocket, and so, I took the initiative of classifying/categorising myself as (virtually) “disabled,” as this would facilitate the process of finding, receiving and obtaining help, however, this is where the difficulties heightened.

I naively assumed that it was possible to work “alongside” the professionals, and “share” power, but I was soon to be stunned. I quickly discovered that these professionals/practitioners wanted to rein supreme, which meant, they monopolise the labelling and decision making process. In spite of the fact that I was best qualified to speak on my physical symptoms, they actually over-ruled my words and went by what was on paper, even though I expressed what was on the paper, and more. They did not want co-operation, but weren’t actually challenged by my attempts to participate in “medicine.” I was not a member of their club, and so, they refused me even special-appearance entry. It was as if the thought of not standing “alone” undermined their self-image, and their institutional-being. Despite my suggestions, and later, demands, I was denied, ignored, and even “pathologised” (invalidated.) Eventually, I realised the racist basis of medicine; that those who get help (access to resources to improve the quality of their lives) are those who are classified as “white” (innocence, vulnerable.) In other words, the medical is legal, moral, and ethical. It is about “hegemony”; it is about enabling based on categorisation. It is RACIST.

I will greater evidence this “BIAS” inherent in medicine, however, in the meantime, I would urge you to dwell on the thinking of another voice from “medicine.” Firstly, I am not kind, nice or polite (unless “strained”), and so, when it comes to the likes of Llaila Afrika, I am not impressed. I might class him as a faith healer; I could see him as a positive thinker; I should categorise him as a poverty pimp. (Wolfi Landstreicher’s “Against the Logic of Submission”, will give an insight as to why I am AGAINST “talk therapies.”) Unfortunately, on this one, I will side with him when he says that merely speaking to “OCCIDENTALS” (credit to ONI), can lead to ill-health; it can create sickness when communication with incongruent, deceptive and ill people because “ORIGINALS” (Oni…) are very receptive to factors in their environment that they might not even explicitly register, but will still feel implicitly. (Occidentals themselves have noted this.) If this is so, these people should be very cautious before they rush to assume that there can be a patient-professional dynamic when they engage people who are made sick by their very presence.

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