finally, as I move along, I present this piece which further explores the ways in which black, male and female bodies, are visually exploited, and generally desired in media. I would urge you to pull together these strands and await the synthesis…

(btw, this article is long, but laid-out in an attractive manner. look out for the picture of “VENUE” with a natural.)

Commentaries on the Times

 The Prowess Of Black Athletes Changed The Games


 African American Intellectuals Confront Darwin’s Athletes!

 There was an air of excitement on the cool spring morning in early April when I entered the Washington Square Park quadrangle, which is surrounded by the buildings of New York University.  Part of the excitement was generated by the television cameras set up on the sidewalk outside the law school, where anxious reporters hoped to catch a glimpse of, and perhaps cajole a statement from, Kenneth Starr, the grand inquisitor of the most powerful man in the world – President Bill Clinton.  “Porn” Starr was on campus to teach his weekly law class, which is held on Friday mornings.  But it was not the antics of Mr. Starr, as amusing and dangerous as they are, that occasioned my visit to this elite Manhattan campus.   

 I had come to NYU in order…

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