Psychology of Black Stereotypes

putting the pieces together, after listening to “Marvin’s Room”, and being appalled by the “depiction” of females, and the exaggerated demonstrations of black masculinity, I thought I would balance the posts by examining black stereotypes. I do not think this article breaks ice, however, I will maintain that seeing the stereotypes in perspective can be revealing. I implore you to think about who these stereotypes serve, and also, the effect of taking them on board, imagining them to be integral parts of your culture.


An Analysis of Black Sterotypes by LMU Student Alexis Lester

Black men are irresponsible. They have a problem with commitment and relationships. They are cheaters. They are lazy and expect too much from their partner. More of them are in prison rather than out in the workforce. They are always baby’s daddies with more than one baby’s mother. They are not as strong as they say they are. They run out on the family, which lead to unstable households, divorces, and single motherhood.Black women are too loud. They talk too much. They are always angry and bossy. They are single mothers and have baby daddy issues. They have unrealistic expectations of the relationship and of their partner. They gossip too much, are very argumentative, and bitter. They are too strong-minded and too independent. These are stereotypes of the opposite gender of African Americans. African American relationships or marriages do not…

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